Basking in a Heavenly Light of Goa Bangkang


Lombok has many wonderful destinations, mostly natural ones. In term of toruism, Lombok hasn’t been developed extensively although the potential is there to see. That is why many people consider Lombok as the untouched Bali since the original natural condition of the neighboring islands are very much similar.

basking in the light. via Instagram/agusm123

However, the trend is positive as seen in the development of the massive Mandalika Project in South Lombok. There will be a massive integrated resort that connects many beautiful beaches. And just at the corner of Mandalika, you can find a rather unusual cave; Goa Bangkang. Here is what you need to know about Goa Bangkang.


You have to climb down a flight of stairs. via Instagram/wanderersandwarriors

Goa Bangkang is relatively small cave located on the southern part of Lombok Island. Administratively, Goa Bangkang is located in Prabu, Pujut, Central Lombok Regency. It’s not too far from the main southern ring road of Lombok, between Are Guling beach and Kuta beach. The cave entry is only 200 meters away from the road.

Instagenic Light

Heavenly light. via Instagram/abcdefachrusitorus

The cave is naturally wonderful light theater. The interior of the cave is quite straightforward, with a quite big hole on the roof. As a result, the lights shines into the cave in a spectacular fashion. It is somewhat similar to Jomblang Cave in Yogyakarta even though the magnitude isn’t as big.

Lady in red. via Instagram/justdewa_

This light play is wonderful spot for taking pictures. This is literally the most interesting part of the cave. There are many ways you can have your picture taken in this cave. Some people stand right under the light to have that ‘enlightened’ effect, which is very cool. Some others use the light columns as a background, mostly doing yoga. This looks awesome but also painful for those who don’t practice yoga.

Home of Bats

The cave is infested with bats. via Instagram/lombok_transport

One thing you will definitely notice upon entering the cave is the bats. This cave is home to thousands of bats. If you come during the day, you can see them sleep, hanging peacefully on the cave’s roof. The dropping is also noticeable. You can see the dropping clearly in the cave floor, complete with its smells. It is entirely possible that one bat will drop his gift to you in this cave.

Nearby attractions

Mawun Beach. via Instagram/

Goa Bangkang is situated quite strategically near southern coast of Lombok. Kuta Beach is just two kilometers away, with a great road access (will get better once the Mandalika Project finished). This cave is also really close to other beautiful beaches like Mawun Beach, Are Guling, and Semeti Beach. If you venture farther east, you can find Tanjung Aan Beach and Merese Hill.

Lovely spot for pictures. via Instagram/_aldypratama

Goa Bangkang is a wonderful spot to visit, especially if you want to explore southern Lombok. The cave can be an exciting place as a stopover destination when you beach-hopping in the area.

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