Walk Among the Giant Lian Trees in East Lombok


There seems to be no end in Lombok’s unique natural beauty. Lombok’s natural landscape presents very diverse wonders, ranging from white sandy beaches to volcanic peaks.

A man an the giant trees. via Instagram/goodtourtravellombok

One of the newly rising-in-fame tourist destinations is the Lian ancient trees. These woods contain giant trees that are quite unique and appear to be somewhat out of place on Lombok. Here are some facts about Lian ancient trees.


The trees are massive. via Instagram/shelly_adelina

Lian ancient woods is located in Permatan Hamlet, Gunung Malang Village, Pringgabaya District, East Lombok. This place is right on the side of the Northern Ringroad of Lombok. If you are exploring the eastern side of the island of Lombok, you will be able to easily find this location.

With a distance of 75 km, you need about three hours’ drive from the city of Mataram. This ancient forest is also located near the east coast of Lombok.

Old trees

The woods look like Mirkwood. via Instagram/irenelinda_ms

As the name suggests, the trees here are very old indeed. But if we are being pedantic, the trees are not ancient trees. According to the locals, this tree has grown since 1668. That means that these trees are around 3.5 centuries old, and that explains why they are huge.

Rare trees

Ficus Albipila. via Instagram/dyanoktav

Scientifically, the name of this tree is Ficus Albipila. This type of tree only exists in Australia, Africa, and in this place. According to the theory circulating in the local community, this tree seed was carried by birds hundreds of years ago.

Locals believe that the seed was carried by birds. via instagram/catoerwulan

The birds are from Australia. They flew to Lombok because at that time their habitat was hit by a natural disaster. The surrounding community also believed that these trees grew before the Dutch colonial government came to Lombok Island.

Long history and privately owned

The trees are privately owned. via Instagram/febriani_eni

This tree area was once a government-owned forest. In the 1970s, this area was used as a cotton farm. Then in the 80s, the status was changed into the plantation area. After that, the ownership of the land is shared with private individuals.

There are four hectares of this lian forest. via Instagram/irenelinda_ms

Today, Lian’s ancient trees are in an area of four hectares which is owned by four people. The East Lombok Regency Government has actually tried to buy this ancient tree area, as they want to use it as a conservation area. However, they cannot reach an agreement with the landowners.

Lian Tree

The trees. via Instagram/lombokexcursions

In the tourist areas, there are 40 giant Lian trees. This tree is 40 to 50 meters high, with a trunk diameter of several meters. This tree can actually be fruitful and the seeds of its fruit are spread under it. However, the seeds cannot be cultivated at all.

Various efforts from the government have not yet found the wanted results. Therefore, for now, the local government only provides protection to the trees.


Some trees are dead. via Instagram/novielynanthonio

The woods here is a favorite destination for those who want to get unique photos. These trees are so large that they make people look very small. The favorite spot to take pictures is between very wide aboveground roots. This place is also a favorite destination for those who do pre-wedding photo sessions.

the trees are tall. via Instagram/gde_adnyana

Ancient Lian woods is a unique destination that you can find in East Lombok. The place is easily accessible, you only have to ride along the Lombok ring road and you will find the splendor of these giant trees.

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