High-carb Foods from Southeast Sulawesi


In terms of tourism, Southeast Sulawesi is more popular for its wonderful beaches, lakes, and small islands. You can explore this province and will never get bored by its natural wonders. However, there are also several high carb foods from Southeast Sulawesi.

Kasoami and various dishes. via Instagram/ika_alfataisyah

In this province, you can find many carbohydrate-rich ingredients being used in everyday’s dishes. Rice, cassava, and sago are available here. As a result, you can find a lot of high-carb foods from Southeast Sulawesi. Here are some of them.


Savory lapa-lapa. via Facebook/Makanan

This food comes from Buton Island. This is basically similar to burasa from South Sulawesi. The difference is probably in the wrapper. Lapa-lapa is rice cooked with coconut milk, making it really savory. Instead of using banana leaves, lapa-lapa uses young coconut leaves as a wrapper. This dish is very popular during the holy month of Ramadan.


Kabuto. via Facebook/Ikin Suparli Wikarta

Originated from Muna and Buton, the main ingredient of kabuto is cassava. They sun-dry the cassava, usually until it becomes black due to fungi. After that, they mash the cassava, clean them well, and then steam it. Sometimes they add sweet potato in the mix to add the flavor. After the cassava is soft, they add the topping of grated coconut.


Tasty Sinonggi. via Instagram/misshotrodqueen

This is Southeast Sulawesi’s take on papeda. Basically, it is a bland sago dish you can find in most of East Indonesia. However, sinonggi is not entirely bland. It uses several spices to add flavors to this dish. Sinonggi is the main dish in Mosonggi Ceremony, a traditional even from Tolaki Tribe. Sinonggi is usually enjoyed with fish.


Kasoami. via Instagram/kitaina.id

This dish is originally from Wakatobi and Buton. The main ingredients are cassava or sweet potato. In Wakatobi, Kasoami is made using poisonous cassava. As a result, more steps are needed to make this dish edible and safe. Kasoami is often enjoyed with fish and sambal, giving it savory and spicy flavors.


Kapusu. via Facebook/Jelajah Biru

This one is a sweet-food. The main ingredients are corn and red bean. If we oversimplify it, kapusu is a corn and red bean sweet porridge. The texture is very soft and it commonly tastes sweet. It is a great choice for a dessert from Southeast Sulawesi. However, it is still made from corn that is rich in carbs.

Lapa-lapa. via ksmtour.com

Southeast Sulawesi offers a lot of wonderful dishes. You can also enjoy several high-carb foods from Southeast Sulawesi if you want to change from steamed rice. Some of them have become staple foods in several areas in Indonesia.

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