The Delicious and Healthy Parende from Wakatobi


Wakatobi is mostly popular for its pristine underwater life. The vibrant marine scene on this area is so magnificent, it attracts tourists and professional divers alike from all around the world. As one of the most prominent areas in the Coral Triangle, Wakatobi is also an important ecosystem that sustains many rare species.

The fish soup. via Instagram/linayusrida

However, Wakatobi also has some other charms, including its culinary. One of the must-try dishes on these islands is Parende, a fish-based food. Not only delicious, but it also has a curing aspect. Here is what you need to know about Parende.

Made from Snapper Fish

The delicious fish. via Instagram/linayusrida

Parende is usually made from red snapper fish that are common in the corals of these islands. This fish is very popular in Indonesia because of its abundance and it has delicate meat with delicious taste. Red snapper is also popular for Parende because of its size. A single fish is usually cut into three pieces for parende, for three servings.

Yellow Soup

Yellow soup in a white bowl. via Instagram/ratna_siyahriyanti

There is an unofficial rule that parende is to be served in a white bowl. This doesn’t affect the taste in any way, mostly done for the beauty of the presentation. Parende is basically a piece of fish with yellow soup. The color is acquired from turmeric, a popular herb in Indonesia. The yellow part is somehow making the red snapper more appealing and appetizing.

Sour and Spicy

The dish is sour and spicy. via Instagram/arie_ardie

Now, parende is a spice-rich dish. You need a lot of herbs and spices to make it. Each bite of the fish or a spoonful of the soup is an explosion of flavors. However, the overwhelming flavors in this dish are sour and spicy. The sour flavor comes from tomato and lime, while the spicy part is obviously from chili peppers.

Appetizing and Good for Flu

This food is good for flu. via Instagram/saras_008rm

According to locals, parende is great for people who get flu. The spices and herbs in this dish are believed to have curing quality, make you get healthy back in a short time. There is no medical explanation to this yet, though. Parende is also a great appetizer. If there is someone who loses his appetite, they will get it back after consuming parende, so this dish might not be good if you are on a diet.

The delicious dish. via Instagram/syafatrin

Parende is not a standalone dish. People usually eat it with rice or papeda, along with grilled fish. If you have the chance to visit Wakatobi, make sure you try this delicious dish.

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