Seafood-based Dishes from West Kalimantan


West Kalimantan is a unique place because it is a melting pot of several big cultures. There are three dominant cultures in this huge province, namely Dayak, Melayu, and Chinese. You can clearly see that being reflected on the traditional dishes from West Kalimantan.

Delicious crab noodle. via Instagram/bu.non

There are lots of foods that reflected the beauty of these assimilations. However, since Pontianak also has a long coastal line, let’s see their seafood dishes only. Here are some of the most seafood-based dishes from West Kalimantan.

Chai Kwe

The chai kwe. via Instagram/hokimeal

Chai Kwe (also known as Choipan) is actually a Chinese dish. However, this dumpling is very popular in Pontianak. Chai Kwe fillings are mostly taro and bengkoang mixed with leeks and small shrimp (ebi). As you might expect, chai kwe is delicious when it is warm. This is a great side dish for any main course.

Ale ale

The clams. via Instagram/tjhiuwong

This dish originated from Ketapang. The main ingredient is a rather small scallop endemic to the region. It has a shiny and smooth shell. The meat is milky white. The cooking process is rather simple as there are not many spices being used for this dish. It means that you can still enjoy the original taste of the scallop meat.

Sotong Pangkong

The dried squid. via instagram/sarimakanmlulu

Sotong pangkong is a preserved squid. Usually, squid is preserved using salt. However, that method makes the squid very hard. In sotong pangkong, the squid is softened using a special hammer. This squid is very popular during Ramadan. This tasty squid is commonly eaten with peanut sauce or chili paste. This is also a delicious side dish.


Tasty pengkang. via Instagram/eviwanq

This one is a fulfilling snack. In a way, pengkang is almost similar to Burasa from South Sulawesi. Sticky rice is mixed with coconut water and then wrapped in banana leaves. Using special clamp made from bamboo, it is then grilled until it is fully cooked. The end result is a delicious and savory snack.

Mie Kepiting Pontianak

The delicious crab noodle. via Instagram/eviwanq

At a glance, you might have difficulties differentiating Mie Kepiting Pontianak with dry Mie Aceh. However, Mie Kepiting Pontianak is mostly dry (without soup) but with a lot of delicious side dishes. Obviously, the main topping is a crab. However, you can also find meatballs, prawns, fish, fried dumplings, or meat.

Warm chai kwe. via Instagram/nikeprist

West Kalimantan, especially the coastal area, is a great place for a culinary adventure. There are a lot of seafood-based
dishes from West Kalimantan that you can enjoy along the coast of this province.

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