Exploring the Best Natural Destinations in Jambi


Jambi is a province located in the mid-eastern part of Sumatra Island. It shares its borders with South Sumatra, Bengkulu, Riau, West Sumatra, Riau Islands, and Bangka-Belitung Province. In terms of tourism, Jambi is barely known compared to some of its neighbors. That’s unfortunate because there are many wonderful destinations in Jambi.

The glass lake. via Instagram/gallerywiskulandtrip

You won’t find exceptionally developed areas here. Instead, you will be rewarded with natural wonders when you are exploring this province. Here are some of the best destinations in Jambi that you need to visit.

Pulau Penyu

Beautiful Penyu Island. via Instagram/mayea_spp

The name translates to ‘Turtle Island’. Just as the name implies, you can find a lot of turtles on this island and its waters. This little island is uninhabited and protected. The coast of this island is the breeding place for sea turtles. Every year, many turtles come to this island to lay their eggs in the sand.

Pancuran Rayo Waterfall

A grand waterfall. via Instagram/hendra_kinc

It can be loosely translated as ‘the great waterfall’. When you see it, you will understand why they give it such a grand name. This is a really tall waterfall with a massive stream. The drop is 150 meters high in a niche surrounded by magnificent cliffs. In the downstream nearby, you can find some baths and ponds where you can refresh.

Gunung Tujuh Lake

The tranquil lake. via Instagram/iqbalnurilanwar

This is a lake located on the highland. Gunung Tujuh Lake is inside the large Kerinci Seblat National Park, and it is quite a popular spot despite the relatively remote location. This is actually a caldera, surrounded by seven peaks, thus gunung tujuh which means seven mountains. A lake is a tranquil place, ideal to reflect and relax.

Ngarau Merangin

Vantage point. via Instagram/pebma_riska

This hill is a great spot to enjoy the wonderful landscape of the Merangin Regency in the western part of Jambi. Located a few kilometers from Bangko, you can see a wonderful view from this vantage point. Lush green forest, snaking rivers, and blue hills in far horizon make this spot a great place to visit.

Kaco Lake

The glass lake. via Instagram/bafialqori

There is a small mysterious pond in the middle of the vast Kerinci Seblat National Park. The water here is really clean and has a dark blue hue. Kaco means glass, an apt name for this glass-like oasis. This lake is so calm, every disturbance will make visible waves to all directions.

Gunung Tujuh Lake. via Instagram/putrilistiani_

Jambi is an interesting province to explore. There are a lot of beautiful natural wonders you can find here. However, you might need a few days to enjoy the best destinations in Jambi.

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