Curug Malela, a Mysterious Little Niagara in Indonesia


The Bandung Raya area has many wonderful tourist attractions, including a lot of beautiful waterfalls. But among them, Malela Waterfall seemed to have its own charm because it was filled with mysteries and challenges.

Cooling off in the waterfall. via Instagram/dikikhaerudin

This waterfall is located in a relatively remote location, it takes a lot of effort to find it. But all that hard work reaching the waterfall will be paid off when you reach the spot which is often referred to as the Niagara of the West Bandung.

Little Niagara

Little Niagara. via Instagram/_kopites_man

There are various reasons why Curug Malela is nicknamed Little Niagara. For one, this is a very wide waterfall. The length of the waterfall from one end to the other is approximately 50 meters, with a maximum height of about 70 meters.

The size of this waterfall is certainly quite unusual, especially when compared to many other waterfalls in Bandung Raya. In addition to that, the water volume is stable and large enough to make it look spectacular.

Challenging tracks

The magnificent waterfall. via Instagram/wahyudin90_

Malela Waterfall is located in Manglid Hamlet, Cicadas Village, Rongga District, West Bandung Regency. The route to the waterfall is very challenging. From downtown Bandung, you need about 3 hours to reach Rongga District. Next, you have to travel around 45 minutes using a motorcycle to Manglid.

After that, there is still a one hour trek which can only be passed on foot to reach this waterfall location. The trek can be quite dangerous and slippery so you must always be careful.

Enjoyable trip

The panorama is amazing. via Instagram/treean_dgreen

Even though your journey to reach the waterfall is very challenging, but along the way, you will be treated to very beautiful scenery. You will see lush green panorama around you. You might have heard the waterfall roar half an hour before you get there.

This waterfall is also very stunning when viewed from a distance. Once you get there, you will be overwhelmed by the sheer size of this place.

The mystery of Malela

The waterfall is shrouded in mysteries. via Instagram/dikikhaerudin

This waterfall is located in a very isolated location and shrouded with many mysteries and myths. Local residents say that the waterfall has an atmosphere from another world.

Hundreds of monkeys sometimes come to the waterfall to look for certain drinking water. In addition, there are some visitors who had an accident here, some even died tragically.

The waterfall is majestic. via Instagram/irvanhardri

Curug Malela is not the easiest destination to reach in Greater Bandung, but this waterfall is definitely the most rewarding to visit. All of the hard work you put on the road to get there will pay off instantly when you enjoy the grandeur of this Mini Niagara from Bandung Raya.

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