Celuk Village, the Center of Silver Crafts in Bali


Bali is known for many things. Not only has it had wonderful natural scenery but also wonderful cultural heritage across the island. That cultural wealth is apparent once you explore a bit. You can find many ancient buildings, temples, and even villages.

Silver bracelets. via Instagram/sunsri_houseofjewelry

This Island of Gods is also popular for its craft. Artisans are an important part of Balinese traditional communities. One way to see it is by visiting Celuk Village where silversmiths practice their crafts for years. Here is what you need to know about Celuk Village, the unique silver village in Bali.


Silver art shop. via Instagram/sunsri_houseofjewelry

Since long time ago, Balinese are familiar with gold and silver crafts. However, in the middle of the ’70s, many of those artists concentrate in Celuk Village. This village is located to the northeast of Denpasar, you probably only need half an hour’s drive to get there. And yet, Celuk Village is actually administratively a part of Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency.

Beautiful Jewelry and Silverware

A magnificent silver pendant. via Instagram/sunsri_houseofjewelry

Celuk is actually not only produce silver jewelry. As a matter of fact, this village is also the center of traditional gold articles in Bali. You can feel the artistic atmosphere once you enter this neat village. There are lots of boutiques, art shops, and showroom where you can explore and scour to find the jewelry that you desire. One can easily get overwhelmed by choices in this village.

Custom-made Jewelry

An elaborate silver piece of art. via Instagram/wayantours

Many tourists come to this village with a simple aim; to get their custom and personalized jewelry. If you come with your very own clear design, you might be lucky to see how your jewelry is created by the expert hands of the artisan there. The best part is that you can still negotiate the price with the artist.


Learn how to make silver jewelry. via Instagram/sunsri_houseofjewelry

If you are really into the craft, you can also try your hands at it. You can learn how to make the jewelry form the master artists here. There are many workshop classes that you can attend to hone your artistic skills. You will be guided by an experienced silversmith who will open their secrets on how to bend the metal for you.

Silver Bull. via Instagram/artoflatchi

All in all, Celuk Village is a great place to visit whether you intend to look, buy or learn how to make silver jewelry in Bali. The village is also strategically located in the artistic region that includes Batubulan, Batuan, and Mas.

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