Exploring the most Beautiful Beaches on Alor


East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) is one of the provinces with the highest tourism potential. This province has a lot of beautiful islands, endemic animals, and also a unique culture. One of the beauties that you can choose from this province is the beaches on Alor Island.

The calm and clear water. via Instagram/prisciliarolyka15

Alor is an island located to the north of Timor Leste. This island has so many wonderful spots. One of the most wonderful ones is its beaches. Along the coast of Alor, you can find many wonderful beaches. Here are some of them.

Tiga Warna Puntaru Beach

The colorful beach. via Instagram/dhiday

Literally means three colored beaches, this area does have three main colors. The sand is black, the stones are brown and the water makes white buoy. You can also see the panorama of the mountain afar. In another direction, you can see the beautiful sea all the way to the horizon. This place is so picturesque so that it is the best destination for photographers.

Deere Beach

The beach during low tide. via Instagram/sunkarnoe

You can find white sandy stretch on this beach. However, the beach is not ‘smooth’ as there are lots of small rocks on the coast. Exploring the beach on foot is enjoyable, though because the sand is rather soft. The sunset view here is also mesmerizing.

Mali Beach

A lovely sunset. via Instagram/liapicauly

This one is a sunrise beach. Many people come to this beach early in the morning just to see the magnificent sunrise panorama. The sky slowly changes its color into a golden orange. The beach itself is shallow and in the morning, you can even venture a bit far to the sea because of the low tide.

Batu Putih Beach

The picturesque Batu Putih. via Instagram/piknik.lagi

This is the classic tropical beach. It does tick all criteria to be an exotic beach. It has a white sandy beach, crescent shape coast, wonderful sunset, and a white cliff nearby. In fact, the white cliff gives this beach its name. Batu Putih means white stone. You can also swim and snorkel on this beach.

Ling’al Beach

The clear Ling’Al Beach. via Instagram/indriclestari

There are two ways you can enjoy this beach. The conventional one is to come directly into the beach and explore its lovely white sandy area. You can also splash around in the waters since it’s really calm. The other way is by enjoying the whole beach from the surrounding hills. Either way, this beach is really Instagram-able.

Maimol Beach

The stony Maimol Beach. via Instagram/born.to.enjoylife

Walking on this beach might be uncomfortable because there are lots of rocks and pebbles on it. However, the general view is simply stunning. You can do a lot of things on this beach. Enjoying the panorama is the easiest way. You can also explore the beach and mingle with the few residents there.

Sabanjar Beach

The panoramic Sabanjar Beach. via Instagram/born.to.enjoylife

This is the beach to visit if you want to enjoy everything the sea has to offer. The white sand is soft, the panorama is wonderful, and the water is calm and crystal clear. You can do almost anything on this pristine beach. The best part is that there are already some accommodation choices you can pick.

Lovely Maimol beach. via Instagram/ireztia

Alor is a wonderful island packed with beautiful spots. Beaches in Alor are mostly still in pristine condition, making it ideal destinations for your next holiday.

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