From Geyser to Sea Garden, Here Are the Most Exotic Spots in Alor


Alor Regency mainly consists of Alor Archipelago, a group of small islands on the eastern part of East Nusa Tenggara Province. This island is situated to the north of Timor Leste. Alor has long been known as a beautiful place with many exotic wonders.

Kepa Island at the background. via Instagram/friscayuwanita

Needless to say, Alor has many beautiful beaches, but we’re not going to talk about that. We’re going to see even more exotic side of Alor, be it from its natural wonders or from cultural heritage. Here are some of the most exotic place you can find in Alor Island.

Tuti Adagae Geyser

The geysers. via Instagram/this_i_s_gospel

As a part of the Ring of Fire, Indonesia has countless volcanoes, complete with many hot springs. However, Tuti Adagae is not your typical hot spring. It is a geyser, where a boiling hot water burst out through a small cone resembling ant hills. Be warned, though, that the water gushed here is too hot for human, be careful not to get directly hit by it. As with many volcanic hot springs, the waters here are rich with minerals.

Mataru Waterfall

Mataru Waterfall. via Instagram/ayuhelmiyanuarti

Also known as Beintal Waterfall by locals, this is a multi-tiered waterfall. You need to stand a bit far to appreciate each tier of the fall. The water drops into a small, shallow pond. During World War II, locals use this waterfall to keep their heirlooms. You need to walk for about 45 minutes to get to this lovely place.

Kawah Putih Gunung Sirung

The White Crater. via Instagram/travelpageid

There is an active volcano in Pantar; Mount Sirung. This mountain is not too tall, only about 800 meters above sea level at most. The actual hike wouldn’t be too tiring, even for the casual hiker. At the top, you will find a magnificent view of Kawah Putih (white crater). Just like in most mountain, you can also camp here and enjoy the sunrise and cool morning air at the crater.

Taman Laut Pantar

Taman laut Pantar. via Instagram/uwzampa

Literally means Pantar Sea Garden, this area is a wonderful marine park. This garden hosts a vibrant reef ecosystem and countless small fish. The biodiversity in this underwater garden is remarkably rich. Part of the coral triangle, many people come all the way to Pantar just for the legendary beauty of its sea garden. Naturally, snorkeling and diving is the most preferred activities here.

Kepa Island

Kepa Island. via Instagram/veronica.louhenapessy

Located just 10 minutes boat ride away from Alor, Kepa Island is a magical place. Kepa is an uninhabited island if not for several bungalows made from bamboo and tassel, the traditional house of Alor. There is a lot to do on this resort island because the water is just too inviting. You can try canoeing, snorkeling, or diving.

the geyser. via Instagram/esasanti

Alor Regency is gaining popularity in the last few years. The ease of access to these islands makes tourism flourish since the area is naturally rich in natural beauties.

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