Discover Moyo, the Complete Paradise Island near Sumbawa


Most people associate Moyo Island with Mata Jitu Waterfall. That’s actually not really surprising since the waterfall is simply spectacular with its many tiers and pools. Moyo Island, however, is much more than just Mata Jitu.

Takat Sagele Island. via Instagram/dedi_kevin_molajake

There are many other spots in Moyo that are worth exploring. World celebrities such as Lady Diana, Mick Jagger, David Beckham, and Maria Sharapova even had their vacation on this island. Here are some of the most interesting place to visit on Moyo Island.

Diwu Mbai Waterfall

Diwu Mbai Waterfall. via Instagram/vea_janier

You will be forgiven to say that Diwu Mbai is a mini Mata Jitu. Only two kilometers away from the portal village of Labuan Aji, Diwu Mbai is definitely easier to reach than Mata Jitu. You will find that this waterfall, albeit not too tall, is wonderful. The whole area is protected by huge trees, the sunlight can barely reach the ground. You can also swing on a rope like Tarzan here.

Tanjung Pasir Beach

Tanjung Pasir Beach. via Instagram/thelangkahtravel

You probably have guessed it. This is a white sandy beach with calm and clear water. You can, of course, enjoy the beach just by exploring it and see the beautiful panorama. However, if you want a little bit more of adventure, you can also snorkel here. The visibility underwater is very good with vibrant underwater life. The colorful reef give place for many small fish species to live.

Sengalo Waterfall

Sengalo Waterfall. via Instagram/boom.maya

The Sengalo Waterfall is different kind of waterfall compared to the other two in Moyo. This one is tall albeit the fall is more declivous. You can see the stream snaking on a cliff before eventually fall into a refreshing pond. Legend says that the name Sengalo was derived from a Chinese sailor named Cheng Lo. As time goes by, the name slowly transforms into Senglo and Sengalo.

Takat Sagele

Takat Sagele. via Instagram/infiatravel

Takat Sagele and Mata Jitu are the icon of Moyo Island tourism. Takat Sagele is a mini island just by the shore of Labuan Aji Village. This island is made of dead coral reef. This speck of a white sand island in the vast sea is a magnificent view, especially if you capture it from above. Takat Sagele is at its most beautiful during the sunset.

Poto Jarum Beach

Poto Jarum Beach. via Instagram/desisboerman

Poto Jarum is located in a protected area, so you will likely have the whole beach for yourself. Here, you can see the fine gradation of colors from white on the beach to deep blue in the sea. The water is crystal clear and calm, making it great for water exploration. You can do so by snorkeling or diving on this beach and enjoy its underwater life.

Swinging at Diwu Mbai Waterfall. via Instagram/junisatya

Moyo Island is a unique place. It is already well-known worldwide but it is not too popular in Indonesia. The main reason why the number of tourists who visit this island is low is because access is not easy yet. You have to fly, drive, ride a boat, and walk to get to most of the attractions. But if you love pristine natural wonders, this island is the one you want to visit.

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