Popular Beautiful Beaches in Pacitan


Pacitan is one of the westernmost regency in East Java. It has wonderful karst area with so many beautiful caves and beaches. Pacitan beaches typically have white sand stretch, wonderful Indian Ocean view, and some even have a waterfall!

Banyu Tibo Beach. via Instagram/gregor_andisusilo

Beach exploration is Pacitan will never bore you because they are really that beautiful. Unfortunately, some beaches are still difficult to reach because of the bad road infrastructure. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches in Pacitan.

Srau Beach

Enjoying Srau Beach. via Instagram/dwiriyantoo

You can divide Srau Beach into three parts; namely the eastern, central, and western part. The eastern part for sunrise viewing, western part for sunset viewing, and middle part for a beautiful sea view.

Soge Beach

Lovely sky at Soge. via Instagram/galeri.xiaomi

You can enjoy the beauty of this beach from the road nearby. There is also a natural freshwater pond on this beach.

Buyutan beach

The beautiful Buyutan. via Instagram/pantaibuyutan

There are two ways to enjoy Buyitan Beach. First, you can come directly into the white sandy beach. The second is by climbing the hill that surrounds the beach which will give you a wonderful view.

Watukarung Beach

Enjoying sunset at Watukarung. via Instagram/soer_icung

This beach is very popular among surfers in Pacitan. It has good breaks and rolls, as well as a strong wind. Moreover, the best time to surf here is between April and October.

Karang Bolong Beach

Beautiful waterfall at karang Bolong. via Instagram/buang.waktu

Karang Bolong means ‘rock with a hole’. This somewhat unimaginative name is perfectly describing the beach because there is indeed a big hole on the rock.

Ngiroboyo Beach

The soft sand of Ngiroboyo. via Instagram/pacitan_paradise

Ngiroboyo Beach is the estuary of the beautiful Maron River. In addition to the beach, you can also explore the river up to this beach.

Klayar Beach

The beautiful Klayar. via Instagram/zidzone

The most unique thing about Klayar Beach is indeed its geyser-like water spray. It also has wonderful waves.

Watu Bale Beach

Viewing platform at Watu Bale. via Instagram/alestharie

This one is for your viewing pleasure. Watu Bale is mostly a lovely beach with beautiful panorama but it doesn’t have the exotic white sandy beach.

Banyu Tibo Beach

The exotic Banyu Tibo. via Instagram/indogreatspot

This beach is indeed very special. There is a waterfall in a small white sandy beach located in a niche. However, it can be easily reached.

Teleng Ria Beach

family vacation at Teleng Ria. via Instagram/wdhndoko

This is probably the most developed beach in Pacitan. Consequently, you can find almost all the amenities you need to enjoy this wonderful spot.

Kasap Beach

Wonderful view at kasap. via Instagram/pristaalems

People often dub this beach as the Raja Ampat of Pacitan. The main reason is because there are many small rocky islands off the coast of this beach.

Pidakan Beach

Exploring Pidakan Beach. via Instagram/kitapacitan

This one is a really rocky beach, in the literal sense. The beach is full of small rocks while the waters are wonderful. Additionally, many people come here for reflection therapy.

Wonderful sunset at Buyutan. via Instagram/pantaibuyutan

Pacitan is known as the regency with a thousand caves. However, enjoying beaches in Pacitan wouldn’t be so hard because there are also lots of them. The best part is that they all beautiful.

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