Exploring Pristine Beaches in North Kalimantan


North Kalimantan, in a sense, is a fledgling province. It was formed in 2012 after separating from East Kalimantan. The development of this province is going rapidly. However, you can still find many wonderful natural spots here. For instance, beaches in North Kalimantan are also wonderful.

Relaxing at Mangkupadi. via Instagram/infotjs

With a population of only roughly 700K people, this is the least populous province in Indonesia. However, it still covers a huge land with rather a long coastline. As a result, you can find several beautiful beaches in North Kalimantan. Here are some of them.

Amal Beach

Lovely Amal Beach. via Instagram/exploretarakan

Located on East Tarakan, this beach can be a bit violent at times. A long wave barrier is built on this beach to help fight erosion. The common trait of most beaches in this province is that the water seems murky. However, they are actually a really nice place to visit. The panorama is wonderful and the atmosphere is relaxing.

Tanah Kuning Beach

White sand beach. via Instagram/ayymaharanidr

Tanah Kuning, if translated literally, means yellow land. It’s not the characteristic of this beach, but rather the name of the area. This beach has a long white sand stretch. The water is mostly calm with gentle waves. Swimming is possible, but not for children, at least not without parents’ supervision. Sea panorama is also remarkable, but there are not many facilities that you can find here.

Batu Lamampu

The Batu Lamampu Beach. via Instagram/obyrezapost

This beach is located in Nunukan area, one of the areas that that share borders with Malaysia. It has three kilometers long coastline, with coconut trees on the beach. The sand is golden brownish, not exactly white but not too dark either. There are several gazebos built in the area. This is a perfect place to calmly enjoy the panorama. You can explore the beach or just admire the view from the gazebos there.

Kelapa Mangkupadi

Nice white sand beach. via Instagram/yucengg.id

Situated in Bulungan regency, Kelapa Mangkupadi is looking really beautiful. It is still in a pristine condition with white sand and coconut trees everywhere. You can swim on this beach because the water is relatively calm. The scenic area of the place also means that this beach is a great place to have a picnic with friends. Bring a mat and delicious food, picnicking here is marvelous.

Rustic vibe at Mangkupadi. via Instagram/apriady22

North Kalimantan is a young province, and it is still in the development stage. You might not be able to find modern artificial destinations here, but most of its natural spots are still in great condition. Beaches in North Kalimantan, for instance, are beautiful.

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