Beautiful Beaches in Bangka Island


Bangka is the biggest island in Bangka-Belitung province. This province, located to the east of Sumatra, is a rather new one but already making waves in term of tourism. The province accelerates its effort to promote its tourism industry. Indeed, this area has a lot of wonderful natural beauties, including wonderful beaches in Bangka Island.

Penyusuk beach. via Instagram/mondeo_ka

Bangka is a place filled with many beautiful places. The beaches here are characterized by many granite rocks, some are really huge. Here are some of the best beaches in Bangka, the biggest island in Bangka-Belitung Province.

Matras Beach

Walking on Matras beach. via Instagram/gisella_kian

This beach is located in Sungai Liat District, some 30 kilometers away from Pangkal Pinang, the capital of the province. This beach is really long, with white sandy stretch and wonderful granite formation. The turquoise water is calm and the panorama is wonderful. This beach is also highly photogenic.

Tikus Beach

Apparently there are lots of secret passages in this beach. via Instagram/fathra_m

Literally means Rat Beach. The story behind the name is a bit sad. There were a lot of secret paths (rat path) near the beach. It was made and used by illegal lead miner. It has a beautiful white sandy stretch as well as great facilities such as a changing room and playground. You can enjoy the beach here easily because the access is great.

Parai Tengiri Beach

Rock formation at Parai beach. via Instagram/dhe_jhe_ckm

This beach is a really well-developed resort area. There is a great resort called Parai Beach Resort and Spa nearby. The water is calm, there are many granite formations. The sunrise view here is simply breathtaking. Many tourists come here, especially during weekends, to enjoy the scenery.

Penyusuk Beach

Enjoying Penyusuk Beach. via Instagram/meryanaaaa

On its own, Penyusuk beach is a lovely place. Just like many other beaches in Bangka, you can find white sand and granite rocks here. However, this beach also acts as a base if you want to do an island-hopping activity to Putri and Lampu Islands. Also, the sunset view on this beach is also beautiful.

Dinding Batu Beach

The big boulder. via Instagram/barrykusuma

Located on Belinyu District, the most distinguishable feature if this beach is its huge granite boulder. It is so big it resembles a tall wall. Dinding batu does mean rock wall in the local language. The beach here has a unique combination of black and white sand. Some of the smaller rocks here also resembles manta ray and frog!

Tongaci Beach

Turtles at Tongaci. via Instagram/pitrexsarfenika

Apart from being a great recreational place, this beach is also a sea turtle conservation area. There are a lot of turtles on this beach and tourists can interact with them. Additionally, this area is also heavily developed to cater to the tourists’ needs. You can find many establishments here.

The wall. via Instagram/wiranurmansyah

Exploring Bangka Island can be a great experience. Even if you only explore the beaches in Bangka, you will find a lot of wonderful panoramas. Some even have spectacular rock formations.

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