Mining Leftovers that Become Wonderful Destinations in Bangka


Exploitation, especially mining activities usually leave a scar on the face of the earth. Lots of places are robbed from its former wonders after mining activities commence. The other way around happens in Bangka, where the leftovers of mines now become beautiful places.

The Red Hill and Ampar Lake. via Instagram/indransyah_

Bangka is an island rich with minerals. This place has been mined since a century ago and you can find the traces even now. The interesting thing is that they become beautiful now. In fact, many mining leftovers in Bangka have become popular tourist destinations. Here are some of them.

Danau Kaolin Nibung

Also known as Air Bara, this lake is magnificent in every sense. Located at the southern part of the island, the official address of Danau kaolin Nibung is at Jl. Raya Gadung, Ranggas, Air Gegas, South Bangka Regency. This is an extremely instagramable spot where the white soil is contrasted by the blue lake.

The blue water. via Instagram/kunaeni1

There are actually several ponds you can find here. Some of the ponds do not reflect the color of the sky well and have greenish water. There is no improvement whatsoever so you should be careful when visiting this lake because there is no danger sign whatsoever.

Pelawan Namang

Pelawan Namang. via Instagram/ahmadyusrizalfaizin

Just to the north of Aek Biru, you can find the white sand dune, or so it seems. There are mounds and small hills of white soil, the leftover from the kaolin mines. This is also an ideal place to have your photo taken. Pelawan Namang is situated directly next to a tropical rainforest. So if you want a change of scenery, you can have that in an instance.  The address is at Namang, Central Bangka Regency.

Red Hill and Ampar Lake

The red hill and the lake. via Instagram/anas_tyas.998

This place is a leftover of a lead mine. The activity left behind several red hills. The color of the hill naturally comes from the clay in the soil. Many say that the hills here somewhat looks like a mini Grand Canyon. In one of the craters, you can find Ampar Lake.

The water is clean with blue and green shades in it. This spot is at Riding Panjang, Merawang, Bangka Regency.

Aek Ketok

Aek Ketok. via Instagram/jackomarbrown

Similar to Danau Kaolin Nibung, Aek Ketok is also a leftover of a kaolin mine. The difference is that in Aek Ketok, the improvements are already in place so you can enjoy the lake more comfortably. At the bank of the lake, you can find colorful platform, some installations, and even floaties.

The lake. via Instagram/hakim_syaifullah

Mining activities in Bangka has left many craters and basins that are filled with rainwater over time. They become a unique place, very much instagrambale, and unusual place to have fun or just to unwind. 

Bangka Danau Kaolin red hill