Best Fresh Spots in Baturraden, a Water Heaven


Baturraden (also spelled Baturaden) is a district in Banyumas Regency. This district is situated on the slope of Mount Slamet. Baturraden is blessed with panoramic views, many waterfalls, lakes, and springs. The name comes from a star-crossed love story of a batur (manservant) and a raden (noblewoman).

Diving in Telaga Sunyi. via Instagram/baturadenpalawi

Anyway, Baturraden is a wonderful tourist district. It has so many wonderful places, mostly involves water. Exploring this district will make you realize just how wonderful the place is. Here are some of the best spots you should visit at Baturraden.

Pancuran Telu and Pancuran Pitu

This hot spring is called Pancuran Pitu. via Instagram/rahmat.wibowo

Do you dream of having a nice dip on the hot springs? Well, Baturraden is a good choice. There are two hot springs in this district, namely Pancuran Pitu and Pancuran Telu. Both are natural volcanic hot spring with water that contains sulfur. As you might know, this kind of water is really good for your skin. It can also cure skin diseases. Even though both share many similarities, they are located quite far apart from each other.

Curug Bayan

The callm Curug Bayan. via Instagram/onyadeisi

Curug Bayan one of the most famous waterfall in this district. Locals also call this as Curug Gede. The waterfall is located in Ketenger, Baturaden, Banyumas Regency. To get there, you can use private vehicles both motorbikes and cars. Curug Bayan is safe for all ages because the pond is quite shallow and the current is not so strong. It is an ideal destination for families.

Lokawisata Baturaden

The Lokawisata. Via Instagram/hermawan.tribu

This is the most popular destination in the area. Lokawisata Baturaden is indeed a great destination for families. It is because there are various entertainment facilities for everyone, from children to adults. It is located at the foot of Mount Slamet. Some recreational rides in Lokawisata Baturaden include swimming pools with slides, water bikes, waterfalls, and sulfur hot springs. It is truly a great combination of natural and man-made attractions.

Curug Telu

Enjoying Curug Telu with a friend. via Instagram/ririn_arianti16

The name means ‘three waterfalls’. As the name implies, Curug Telu has three waterfalls in one place. Although the three are not at the same size, but these three waterfalls create a very refreshing atmosphere. This waterfall is located in Karangsalam, Baturaden, Banyumas Regency. You can also enjoy this waterfall by swimming, splashing around, taking photos, and even fishing. Curug Telu eventually feeds Curug Bidadari which is located nearby.

Telaga Sunyi

The quiet lake. via Instagram/dwiriyantoo

As the name implies, Telaga Sunyi (quiet lake) is in an area that is really quiet and serene. It is located roughly 2.8 kilometers from Lokawisata Baturaden. This lake is indeed perfect for those who want to relax for a moment escape from the crowd. Moreover, this lake has a beautiful natural panorama, cool mountain air, plus large shady trees. The tranquility here will make feel at home. Telaga Sunyi has a depth of up to 3 meters, so you have to be a swimmer to get into the water.

The refreshing Curug Telu. via Instagram/mzr_azizi

Baturraden is an area with abundant water beauties. Somehow, however, this place has many wonderful watery destinations like waterfalls, lakes, hot springs, and rivers. If you need to refresh, come to this district to recharge yourself.

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