Banda Aceh, a City that Withstands the Test of Time


In Indonesia, Aceh is known as the porch of Mecca. This province even applies sharia law now, the only province in Indonesia that do so. Banda Aceh, the capital of the province, is a unique city that withstands almost anything imaginable. You can clearly see that when you explore this city.

Baiturrahman Mosque. via Instagram/wd.motorgarage

Naturally, Banda Aceh is a coastal city with beautiful beaches and hills. However, the passing of time has left its mark in this city and you can see it clearly everywhere, making this city is so unique. Here are some of the wonderful place you need to visit in Banda Aceh.

Ulee Lheue Beach

Ulee Lheue Beach. via Instagram/agamkhaled

This is the most popular beach in Banda Aceh. This beach doesn’t have white sand or palm trees, but make it up as a nice place to have fun with friends and family. There is a rocky barrier that makes this beach a protected lagoon. You can rent floaties, water bicycle, duck boat, and many other rides to enjoy the place.

Tsunami Museum

Tsunami Museum. via Instagram/boahaya

At the end of 2004, a massive tsunami in the Indian Ocean took the lives of hundreds of thousand people. Banda Aceh is one of the most impacted places and the victims are innumerable. Tsunami Museum was built next to Kerkhof Peutjoet cemetery to memorize those who lost lives in that disaster.

Baiturrahman Grand Mosque

Baiturrahman Mosque. via Instagram/aispro

After the Tsunami hit Banda Aceh, the only standing building was the Baiturrahman Grand Mosque. It stands tall amid the rubbles of the destroyed city. Today, this mosque is developed into a beautiful place. The front yard of this mosque is a popular place to hang out while waiting for the prayer time.

PLTD Apung 1

PLTD Apung 1. via Instagram/bungkes

This is a huge power plant ship that was swept aground by the tsunami. This 2,600-ton ship now permanently stay five kilometers from the nearest beach. This diesel-powered plant is now an educational destination where you can explore inside and learn about the ship and Aceh. You can also climb to the top and see the magnificent city view.

Rumoh Aceh

Rumoh Aceh. via Instagram/_muh.arif

 Also called Museum Aceh, this house has been standing since 1915. This is the original traditional house of Aceh, full of Islamic values. Within this museum, you can find lots of relics and artifacts from ancient times, some even from the pre-historic era. The most popular item in this restaurant is the Cakra Donya Bell which is 1400 years old.

Queen Safiatudin Park

The queen’s park. via Instagram/fransdelian

This is like a traditional theme park, with Aceh as the main theme. There are many traditional houses from different parts of the province, some actual parkas and nice trek. For youngsters, this park is popular because there are lots of instagramable spots.

Inside Tsunami Museum. via instagram/awesomeaceh

Banda Aceh is a great place to explore. This city will tell you stories about the ancient times, the beauty of its culture, and the catastrophe that almost destroyed it.

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