Exploring the Coastal Beauty of Baer Island


In the southeast part of Maluku province, there is a cluster of islands; The Kei Islands. Just like the other islands on the area, these islands used to be spice producers in the past. However, Kei Islands starting to attract attention for its beautiful natural spots. Baer Island is one of the most beautiful spots there.

Relaxing on a lagoon in Baer. via Muhammad Saadduddin Tenripada/Travelingyuk

Baer, sometimes also spelled Bair or Baeer, is a small island with a lot of interesting spots to visit. As you might expect from an exotic tropical island, you can find beautiful beaches, relaxing lagoon, and overall wonderful panorama. Here is all you need to know about Baer Island.


Bring your floaties. via Muhammad Saadduddin Tenripada/Travelingyuk

This island is located on the northern part of Kei Islands. You might have to go to Tual first in order to get to Baer Island. Tual is the capital of Kei Islands. This city has an airport and relatively busy seaport. From Tual, you can go to Baer by boat. While it is true that getting to Baer is not an easy feat, what you will get will be worth the hassle. The official address is at Dullah Laut, North Dullah Island, Tual City, Maluku.

White sand beach

The beach has soft white sand. via Muhammad Saadduddin Tenripada/Travelingyuk

Just like most exotic small islands in Indonesia, you can find beautiful white sand beaches on this island. The soft white sand dominates the coastline of Baer, making it a great place to visit. Beaches in Baer commonly has calm waters, with good visibility all year round. However, there are indeed some rough parts on the coast where the sea meets the karst rocks.

Clear water

The water is crystal clear. via Muhammad Saadduddin Tenripada/Travelingyuk

Wherever you enjoy the water on this island, you will find clear water. Whether it is the lagoon or the sea by the beach, the water here is crystal clear, allowing you to enjoy it fully. The characteristic of the water here is that it tends to have turquoise color. It’s not only great for swimming, but you can also bring your floaties and relax under the sun.


Wonderful picture. via Instagram/ilhamarch

There are many beaches, lagoons, karst hills, and headlands that are very photogenic. Whether you are a professional photographer or you are just taking great pictures for your Instagram, this place is really great. There are many spots that will be great to feed the social media account of yours.

Enjoying the scenery. via Muhammad Saadduddin Tenripada/Travelingyuk

Baer Island is a wonderful place in the north of Kei Islands. There are a lot of great spots you can find here. Make sure you prepare your camera before you go to this island. It’s so beautiful many people dub it the Raja Ampat of Maluku.

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