Exploring Beaches Ambon, the Coastal Capital of Maluku


Ambon, the capital of Maluku Province, is one of the biggest cities in Eastern Indonesia. Ambon has become an important portal city since centuries ago when the spice trade was the most profitable business in the world. Ambon was in the middle of the best spice-producing islands.

Batu Lubang Beach. via Instagram/afiholle

Located in Ambon Bay, this city has a quite long shoreline. As a result, you can also find many beautiful beaches along the coast of Ambon. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches that you can find in Ambon, the capital of Maluku.

Hukurila Beach

Hukurila Beach. via Instagram/ambonpardidu

This beach connects Ambon City with the Banda Sea. This beach faces east, with brownish sand and several small rock formations. In some parts of the beach, you can also find a black sand stretch that comes from the volcanic activity of the island. This beach is great for watching the sunrise.

Natsepa Beach

Natsepa Beach. via Instagram/amandapurba

Natsepa is the most legendary beach in Ambon, its status is probably comparable to Parangtritis in Yogyakarta. Natsepa is probably the most developed recreational beach in this city. Its calm waters invite you to swim, or you can try to ride the Banana Boat here. There are also many food stalls that serve local culinary dishes.

Namasua Beach

Namasua Beach. via Instagram/rendy.toule

This is the secret beach of Ambon. To get to Namasua Beach, you have to walk through a scenic path on a hill. The beach is flanked by two green hills, making it almost invisible. This beach is a small bay with calm water. You can camp here, enjoying the night on a white sand beach with a starry sky above.

Lawena Beach

Lawena beach. via Instagram/rama_holak

Lawena is another hidden gem in Ambon. As with other hidden beaches, you are required to give a little more effort to get here. Lawena is a white sandy beach with some rock formation on its shallow waters. The water here is calm, making Lawena a great place to swim.

Seri Beach

Seri Beach. via Instagram/fthn_japar

This is a rocky beach with moderately calm waves. The general feeling you get from this beach is that this is a pristine beach. There are not many improvements that you can find here. This whole area is surrounded by green hills although the view is quite open, not as enclosing as in Namasua.

Pintu Kota Beach

Pintu Kota Beach. via Instagram/hendisyahputra

This one is a very unique beach. This rocky beach has a feature that is only found in very few beaches in the world. There is a hole in a headland base. This hole resembles a gate, thus the name Pintu Kota (gate of the city). Apart from the unique gate, underwater life here is also quite vibrant and rich.

Santai Beach

Santai Beach. via instagram/duppy_septiano

Santai means to relax in Bahasa Indonesia, so you’ve probably got the general idea of this beach. You can charter a speed boat and explore the area here. Santai Beach is also quite popular among the newlyweds. This is one of the favorite locations for honeymoon in Ambon.

Batu Lubang Beach

The exotic Batu Lubang Beach. via Instagram/sarmayenti_sali

This is another ‘hole in the cliff’ beach. Unlike Pintu Kota, the hole in this beach is located at the end of a secluded bay. The whole area is rocky but the view when the sunlight goes through the hole is wonderful. The water here is actually great for swimming or relaxing on a floaty.

Pintu Kota Beach. via Instagram/dadasoenardhi

Ambon is a coastal city, so naturally, you can find many beautiful beaches in the area. Some beaches are hidden in a secret bay, some have a nice feature, and some have beautiful vibrant underwater life. Visit Ambon and explore them all.

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