Conquering Spectacular Stone Formations in West Bandung


West Bandung Regency is a mountainous region with some karst formations. Everywhere you go, you will find picturesque hills and lovely scenery with lush green vegetation covering them. This area is popular for its fertility as well as lovely panorama all around.

Gunung Hawu. via Instagram/
Gunung Hawu. via Instagram/wisataalambandung

From Lembang in the north to Gununghalu in the south, West Bandung is a wonderful place to explore. One thing that you can notice here is that there are many spectacular stone formations, creating dramatic vistas. Here are some of the most wonderful stone formation in West Bandung.

Gunung Batu

Gunung Batu Lembang. via Instagram/
Gunung Batu Lembang. via Instagram/destinasibandung

Located in Lembang, Gunung Batu is a challenging mountain to hike. As the name implies, Gunung Batu (Rocky Mountain) is dominated by rocks from top to bottom. The top of Gunung Batu is one of the highest point in Lembang, making it an ideal spot to enjoy all Lembang has to offer. Gunung Batu is also an insanely photogenic place.

Stone Garden and Pawon Cave

Stone Garden. via Instagram/
Stone Garden. via Instagram/tukang_sobo

A light hike will get you to the top of a hill named Stone Garden. It is a natural garden with many limestone formations. Located in Padalarang, Stone Garden is a great place to chill out and enjoying the scenery. Below the stone garden, there is Pawon Cave. It is a small cave where archaeologists found many prehistoric artifacts that is now being displayed in Museum Geologi Bandung.

Curug Sumpel

Curug Sumpel. via Instagram/
Curug Sumpel. via Instagram/ahdi_h369

Curug Sumpel is a lovely hidden waterfall located in Rongga, Gununghalu District. The drop in this waterfall is not overly dramatic, but it is hidden in a niche between two rocky cliffs. The stream changes its course several times. There is no pond to swim comfortably but the whole waterfall is lovely.

Sanghyang Heuleut

Sanghyang Heuleut. via Instagram/
Sanghyang Heuleut. via Instagram/ktarya_

Legend says that angels come down to earth and bathe in this lovely pond. Sanghyang Heuleut is a shrouded with myth and legends by locals. This pond is surrounded by magnificently massive granite rocks, the water is bluish, and the location is somewhat hidden between hills. A small river called Citarum Purba feed this pond.

Gunung Hawu

Gunung Hawu. via Instagram/
Gunung Hawu. via Instagram/pendaki.sunda

This is where you can test your courage to the limit. Gunung Hawu has several natural rock towers on the top. You can try flying from one tower to another in a hammock provided by the management. If that is too much, you can just admire the scenery as Gunung Hawu has wonderful view. There is a huge hollow stone that gives the mountain its name. This hole is called Hawu (stove) by locals.

Sanghyang Tikoro and Sanghyang Poek Caves

Sanghyang Tikoro, via Instagram/
Sanghyang Tikoro, via Instagram/ankq.vtra

Sanghyang Tikoro and Sanghyang Poek are located in an area near Saguling hydroelectric power plant. Sanghyang Tikoro means a sacred cavity has running water flowing on its floors. Sanghyang Poek means dark cave. As the name implies, the cave is pitch black dark unless you bring your own light source.

Gunung Batu. via Instagram/
Gunung Batu. via Instagram/letsgobandung

West Bandung has many waterfalls, lakes, hills, and mountains that form a wonderful landscape. You’d be overwhelmed with choices when holidaying in this area. For those who love unique and dramatic rock formations, West Bandung Regency is the place to go.