Wayag Island, the Icon and Heart of Raja Ampat


For those who love traveling to wonderful natural destinations in Indonesia, Raja Ampat needs no introduction. Even though this place was known relatively recently in term of tourism, it effortlessly captures the heart and amazement of every single tourist who visits it.

A boat among the islands. via Instagram/barrykusuma

Raja Ampat is that good. The heart of this marine tourism heaven is Wayag Island, located on the northern part of Raja Ampat, has become the icon. When you see the picture of Raja Ampat online, chances are you see the picture of Wayag Island. Here is what you need to know about Wayag Island, the icon of Raja Ampat.


Wayag is only accessible by boats. via Instagram/sukmadnth

Raja Ampat is situated on the northwestern part of Papua, just to the north of the ‘bird head’ part of the island. Raja Ampat is an archipelagic regency consisting of more than 600 islands. This regency is admittedly not the easiest destination to visit, but the infrastructure is getting better. You can easily reach Marinda Airport in Waisai via a flight from Sorong or Manado.

Many small islands. via Instagram/murray05

Getting to Wayag Island can be a little bit more challenging, though. You essentially have to charter a boat from Waisai to Wayag Island. Boats shouldn’t be hard to find, but the price can be quite expensive for a solo traveler, so it is advisable for backpackers to visit Raja Ampat in a group of eight to ten people.

Coney Karst Islands

The beautiful Wayag. via Instagram/kakabantrip

The most iconic panorama of Wayag is definitely its many cone-shaped islands protruding from the sea. However, Wayag is also popular for its beautiful atolls and stunning underwater life. In its 155,000 hectares area, Wayag has pristine beaches, uniquely shaped islands, and pristine underwater life. This is truly a complete destination if you love marine tourism.

Exploring the islands on boat is ideal. via Instagram/kinsoon

The cone-shaped islands are best viewed from the height. There are several hilly spots where you can admire its beauty. Karst islands sprouting from the sea like small mushrooms. With a backdrop of the blue sea, these islands really create an amazing panorama.

Diving Spots

Playing with fishes. via Instagram/nathillwildlifeadventurer

There are many diving spots you can explore in Wayag. So, apart from enjoying the island from above, you can also enjoy its underwater vast beauty. Raja Ampat is one of the richest underwater life areas in the world. Its healthy waters and relatively untouched reef make this place a heaven for divers.


Liveaboard on a wonderful boat. via Instagram/premier_liveaboard_diving

The other way to visit and enjoy Wayag is by liveaboards. Essentially, you charter a boat to get you to many spots in Wayag Island (or any other part of Raja Ampat for that matter). You live on that boat and you can stop wherever you wish, whether to dive or do anything else at all. Living on high seas while enjoying the beauty of the island will be an experience that lasts a lifetime.

Pristine waters of Raja Ampat. via Instagram/cungkring

Wayag Island is definitely the icon of Raja Ampat. Getting to this wonderful island can be a bit hard, but once you get there, all your hardship will be paid off. This island is beautiful whether you see it from the top of the hill, at the beach, or underwater.

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