Enjoying Waterfalls in Gunung Mas, Central Kalimantan


Indonesia is a very diverse country, there are so many things you can find in this archipelagic nation. In Central Kalimantan, such diversity also present. You can find many wonderful natural phenomena in this large province. For example, you can visit many beautiful waterfalls in Gunung Mas Regency.

A serene place at Saluhan. via Instagram/tian_photo

Gunung Mas is located to the north of Palangkaraya, roughly 100 kilometers away. Access to the regency is a little bit difficult, with only a few roads that connect it with other parts of the country. Nonetheless, you can find several beautiful waterfalls in Gunung Mas. Here are some of them.

Batu Mahasur

The waterfall from above. via Instagram/rosarioguntur

This waterfall is really relaxing and somehow comforting. The stream seems to drop out of nowhere on a multilayered cliff. The stream is not too strong but that adds to the general relaxing atmosphere. The pond is large and deep in some parts. Swimming here provided the current of the stream is not too strong due to the rain. The waterfall is located not too far from Kuala Kurun, the capital of the regency.

Bawin Kameloh

Bawin Kameloh waterfall. via Facebook/Putu Atmaka Predhana

Getting to this waterfall would be easy as the roads are in good condition. You have to go to a protected forest to find this one gem. This is a perfect getaway location is you love trekking through the jungle. Additionally, there is an unofficial camping ground. Furthermore, you can also find basic facilities in this area. For the record, the entire area of Bawin Kameloh is 500 hectares.


Hatowan Waterfall. via Facebook/Junaidi Eka Saputra

This waterfall is not a spectacular one on its own, but the trek to get there is somewhat challenging. This waterfall is offroader’s favorite. If you are an offroad enthusiast who gets the thrill of conquering the extreme road, this waterfall can be the best price for you. After a hard-fought battle with the road, you can relax in the refreshing waterfall and its pond.


Small waterfalls and ponds. via Instagram/tian_photo

This waterfall is roughly 15 kilometers away from Kuala Kurun. It is the breaks from Saluhan River, with really clear water, especially compared to other waterfalls. The waterfalls are small and low, but there are many of them. the ponds are also wonderful.

Even though it is not fully developed yet, there are several food stalls opened in the area. It is getting popular by the day and the number of people visiting Saluhan is also increasing steadily.

Batu Mahasur Waterfall. via Instagram/diindarti

Gunung Mas is not a popular tourist destination. The lack of road infrastructure and tourist facilities are the main issues to develop tourism here. However, for now, you can enjoy several wonderful waterfalls in Gunung Mas.

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