The Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Buleleng Regency, Bali


Aside from having many beautiful beaches, Bali is also known to be tropical heaven with many beautiful natural wonders. One of the most underrated tourist destinations in Bali is its waterfall. The island has many charming waterfalls, especially on its northern part.

Downstream Aling-aling Waterfall. via Instagram/the_essentialist_

Buleleng Regency has the most waterfalls compared to other districts on the island of Bali. This district is very broad and covers almost the entire northern coast of the island. Here are some of the best waterfalls you can find in Buleleng.

Aling-aling Waterfall

Aling-aling waterfall. via Instagram/catchourdrift

Located not too far from the regency capital of Singaraja, the Aling-aling waterfall usually becomes a quick stopover for those who tour in the area. You have to walk past the rice fields and some small weirs to get there. This 35-meter-high waterfall is slightly split and falls into a pond that is located in a hidden crevice. This waterfall is located on Jalan Sambangan, Sukasada, Buleleng.

Banyumala Waterfall

Banyumala is a gentle waterfall. via Instagram/nilla_listya

Locals also call this place as Tirta Kuning, which means ‘yellow waterfall’. Located on Jalan Tirta Kuning, Wanagiri, Sukasada, Buleleng, you have to do a little trekking to reach this spot. The trail leading to the waterfall can be quite slippery when wet. Banyumala is a fairly gentle waterfall with a relatively calm current as the cascade spreads over the face of the waterfall.

Carat Waterfall

Carat Waterfall. via Instagram/widhiindahpertiwy

This waterfall can be reached by traveling around half a kilometer from Singaraja Main Street. You have to walk along a small pathway, traditional bamboo bridges, and rocky small creeks. This waterfall is quite magnificent with a height of 100 meters and surrounded by rock cliffs overgrown with vines. Carat Waterfall is located on Jalan Raya Tambelang, Singaraja, Buleleng.

Gitgit Waterfall

The magnificent Gitgit Waterfall. via Instagram/nagore_criado

This is the most famous Waterfall in all of Bali. This place is about 10 km south of Singaraja. Access to the waterfall is also quite easy. From Bedugul-Singaraja Main Road, you only need to walk a few minutes. The scenery along the way to get here is quite spectacular. This is a rather big waterfall with 40 meters height, falls onto quite large rocks.

Jembong Waterfall

Many tiered waterfall with calm stream and shallow pond. via Instagram/pastrayasa15

Jembong Waterfall is not as famous as most other waterfalls in Buleleng, but this waterfall has its own charm. To reach this place, you have to walk through cocoa plantations, rocky roads, and small creeks. There is a shallow pool at the bottom of the waterfall, it is safe for children to splash around. Jembong Waterfall is situated in Ambengan Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency.

Munduk and Melanting waterfalls

Munduk Waterfall. via Instagram/beckyvandijk

There are several waterfalls that are located near the village of Munduk, Banyuatis district, Buleleng Regency. The two most famous are the Munduk and Melanting waterfalls. Located at an altitude of 850 m above sea level, the village of Munduk has a quite cool climate with soothing hilly views. The waterfalls here add to those refreshing atmosphere.

Sekumpul waterfall

Sekumpul Waterfall. via Instagram/miskajakub_travelers

This waterfall is quite iconic because it is a collection of several cascades that form a wide waterfall. This spot is located in the middle of a green valley and is dominated by bamboo clumps. You need a little trekking to be able to reach this waterfall even though the route is not too challenging. This waterfall is located on Jalan Raya Sekumpul Village, Sawan, Lemukih, Buleleng

Yeh Mampeh Waterfall

Les Waterfall. via Instagram/aris_19

This is one of the most hidden waterfalls on the island of Bali. This place is sometimes called Les Waterfall, from its namesake Les Village, Tejakula District, Buleleng. Because of its relatively hidden location, this place is not visited by many tourists. It means that there is a high chance you will be able to enjoy this place calmly.

Take a plunge into the water. via Instagram/cathyanne_

Bali has many charming waterfalls, most of which are located in the northern part of the island, which administratively is within Buleleng Regency. If you want a variation after enjoying the beautiful white sand beaches in South Bali, you can enjoy the calming coolness of the North Bali waterfalls.

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