Exploring Extraordinary Waterfalls in Blitar


In term of tourism, Blitar is not as shiny as Malang or Banyuwangi. However, this regency slowly shows itself to be one of the rising stars in term of tourism in East Java. There are more and more destinations that you can visit in this regency. Waterfalls in Blitar, for example, are getting popular for its beauty.

Umbul Waru beach and waterfall. via Instagram/septiyanc

Blitar is a unique place, its landscape ranging from the peak of an active volcano to the beautiful coastal area in the south. Exploring this regency would be an interesting experience. You can start by visiting waterfalls in Blitar.

Luweng Cave

Enjoying the cave. via Instagram/liesamantha

This is an unusual cave. If you are into caves, you’ll notice that the karst area can create lots of wonderful caves. In Yogyakarta, for example, you can find Jomblang Cave with its heavenly rays. In Luweng, it’s not only sunlight that comes down, but there is also a waterfall there. You can enjoy this waterfall from inside the cave. The air is cool and the view is just extraordinary.

Jurug Bening

The lovely waterfall. via Instagram/abbeyegha

This waterfall is still in a pristine condition. There is nothing that spoils the beauty of this rocky waterfall. Unfortunately, the road that gets you to Jurug Bening is also challenging. Once you get to the waterfall, though, you can enjoy a great rice field panorama. The waterfall drops on a picturesque rocky cliff. The pond is also very refreshing.

Tirto Galuh Waterfall

Magnificent Tirto Galuh. via Instagram/kurniawan_dony

One of the most spectacular waterfalls in Blitar, Tirto Galuh is neither tall nor big. The thing that set this waterfall apart from others is that the illusion of being surrounded by many waterfalls. Even though the streams come from a single river, but it creates a lot of low waterfalls that flow into a center point. This one is really instagramable.

Kedung Entong

Nice looking waterfall. via Instagram/arungpatigeni2

You will need an extra effort to get to this waterfall. Not only that the main road is not yet developed. You also have to walk along the river. The waterfall and its surrounding area are simply wonderful. There is also a myth surrounding this waterfall. This place is also instagramable.

Umbul Waru

The beach and the waterfall in the background. via Instagram/bu_bud

You cannot enjoy this waterfall from below the drop. That is simply because the waterfall is dropping directly into the sea. However, there is also a small pond located on the side of the cliff where the stream drops into the sea. This waterfall is a great place for photography, especially if you are using drones.

Tirto Galuh Waterfall. via Instagram/fauzan_ar

Blitar has a lot of wonderful spots that you can explore. There are many wonderful waterfalls in this regency. Waterfalls in Blitar usually are in pristine condition, and each has unique traits.

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