VW Cabrio Tour Borobudur, a New Way to Explore the Magnificent Temple


If you visit Borobudur just to enjoy the grandeur of the temple, you might miss out some interesting attractions around it. Don’t be mistaken, any visit to the magnificent Borobudur temple will always be worth just by enjoying the charm of this ancient temple.

The colorful cars. via Instagram/magelangvwcabriotour

However, the area around Borobudur also has many other tourism potentials. Villages around this temple have been developed into designated tourism villages to accommodate the many tourists who visit Borobudur. One of the interesting tour packages that you can enjoy here is the VW Cabrio Tour.

What is the VW Cabrio Tour?

A tour with colorful cars. via Instagram/magelangvwcabriotour

This is a tour around the tourism villages around Borobudur by driving Volkswagen type 181 or 182, produced from 1969 to 1983. These cabriolet cars can accommodate 4 to 5 people, including the driver. The VW Cabrio Tour has a large fleet of cars and with different colors. Currently, there are around 70 Volkswagen 182 available for this tour.

You can choose the route and duration of the tour

All are cabriolet cars. via Instagram/ magelangvwcabriotour

The interesting thing about this VW Cabrio Tour is that you can choose the route and duration of the tour. Overall, you have three choices; short, medium, and long tour.

You can determine which village you want to visit or what tourist destination you want to reach by driving the Volkswagen 182. To ensure that all the routes you want will be within the allotted time, you can discuss it with the tour operators.

Route selection and duration

Yellow takes the lead. via Instagram/magelangvwcabriotour

Short tour takes around two to two and a half hour trips. You will explore the villages around Borobudur Temple and visit two tourist attractions of your choice. The price for a short tour is IDR 350,000 per car.

This car has canvas roof. via Instagram/magelangvwcabriotour

The Medium Tour is three and a half to four hours long. In addition to exploring the villages around the temple, you can also choose to visit three tourist attractions. The price for the medium tour is IDR 450,000 per car.

under the shades of coconut trees. via instagram/magelangvwcabriotour

Long Tour is five to six hours long. You will be taken to explore the villages around the Borobudur Temple and then visit four attractions at a price of IDR 600,000 per car.

Choice of tourist attractions

In front of Balkondes. via Instagram/magelangvwcabriotour

There are several attractions that you can choose from this tour. You might choose to visit: Nglipoh Village, Omah Saking Dene, honey bee farm, balkondes, Junkyard Autopark, Camera House, Chicken Church, Punthuk Setumbu, Pereng Nduwet, Mendut Temple, Pawon Temple, Candirejo Tourism Village, and various craft centers.

Looks like a convoy. via Instagram/magelangvwcabriotour

The VW Cabrio Tour can be a pleasant alternative when visiting Borobudur Temple. All you need to remember is to prepare masks, sunglasses, and sunblock before taking this tour as the Cabrio tour will expose you to dust and the sun.

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