Enjoy a Day Full of Relaxation at Virgin Beach Perasi


Bali never ceases to amaze, that is common knowledge among the tourists who visit this magical island. Whether you are a first-timer or frequent visitor to this island, Bali can always spring a surprise or two. You can always find something new here.

The beach from above. via Instagram/ny3ll199x

Even though the island is seemingly well explored, you can still hear some ‘secret’ or ‘newly found’ part of Bali. Tukad Cepung Waterfall and Green Canyon Undisan are the perfect examples that Bali still has many surprises that you can might not aware of. There is also this secret Virgin Beach, hidden between hills in Karangasem, Bali.


The beach is well hidden. via Instagram/dwicreative

As you might suspect, this beach is not the easiest to find. This beach goes by many names; Perasi Beach, White Sand Beach, and sometimes Hidden Beach. You have to give an extra effort to reach and enjoy this beach. Administratively, this beach is located on Pantai Pasir Putih, Desa Perasi, Karangasem. It seems like a normal address until you realize you have to get through lots of difficult roads.

Lovely view from every angle. via Instagram/breakfastofchampion

You will have to go through uphill and downhill winding roads. You must also bear a small gravel road. The best way to reach this beach is by riding a rental motorcycle as the route can be really tiring if you come on foot. The alternative is by taking ‘ojek’, a ride-sharing service provided by locals.

The Beach

Enjoying the beach. via Instagram/photoweddings

Virgin Beach is hidden in a relatively small bay, flanked by two hills; Apen and Penggiang. This beach is special as the sand here is neither white nor black. It looks like the sand color is a combination of both. Some call it a grey beach, some others think that the right color is yellowish. Anyway, the color is actually very unique and seems like changing during the course of the day.

Walking on the beach. via Instagram/beatle_goes_to

In some parts of the beach, you can find rocky patches. The view of the sea is not entirely unobstructed since there are two hills at the end of the beach. The panorama is great nonetheless, giving you the feeling of exclusivity, especially because the beach is usually empty.


Facilities at Virgin Beach. via Instagram/familytravel_desu

Surprisingly enough, you can find relatively good facilities here. You can find warungs (food stalls) so food wouldn’t be hard to get. The prices are also cheap considering the difficulties to get here. You can also rent a sunbed with a large umbrella to enjoy the beach. And if you feel like you want to snorkel, you can also rent the equipment here.

Nearby Attractions

Taman Tirta Gangga. via Instagram/heideexyz

Virgin Beach Perasi is just a few kilometers away from Amlapura, meaning it’s close to Taman Ujung, Taman Tirtagangga, or Pura Luhur Lempuyang. However, this beach is not a simple stopover destination as you probably need quite an effort and time to reach and enjoy it.

Virgin Beach. via Instagram/sergioguerralopez

As the name suggests, Virgin Beach is a wonderful hidden beach that not many people know about. It is relatively undeveloped but has an exclusivity charm about it. This is the beach you need to visit if you want a quiet and enjoyable experience.

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