The Unknown Underground Worlds of Jogjakarta


At this point, everyone already knows that Yogyakarta has lots of beautiful caves and underground rivers, especially in Gunungkidul. Being located in a large karst area, it’s just normal that there are many caves found in this regency.

Luwung Cokro. via Instagram/irfanfaizmn

You’ve probably already heard about caves like Jomblang, Pindul, Tanding, or Kalisuci. Those are very popular names and they attract hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. However, there are many other less-known caves in this region. Here are some of them.

Grubug Cave

This is a cave with a unique ‘heaven’s light’ setting. Basically, you explore the cave to a point where there is a hole on the roof. The hole let spectacular daylight in, creating a somewhat divine light. The place becomes even more spiritual because there are two mounds just under the light. Grubug Cave can be found at Pacarejo Village, Semanu District, Gunungkidul Regency.

Cerme Cave

Cerme Cave. via Instagram/sylverdrkagon

This is not a ‘new’ cave, meaning this one is already discovered and visited since the eighties. However, this cave doesn’t get popular like several others even though this is a cave with a river flowing on its floor!

The cave is roughly one and a half kilometer long and you have to walk upstream to explore Cerme. Administratively, Cerme Cave is located at the border of Gunungkidul and Bantul Regencies.

Luweng Cokro

Goa Cokro. via Instagram/joeadimara_

This one is a big cave with a spectacular entrance and heaven lights hole. This is the most popular cave on this list for rock climbers. There are several holes you can use to enter this cave as well as to test your rappelling skills. Luweng Cokro is located at Blimbing Hamlet, Umbulrejo Village, Ponjong District, Gunungkidul Regency.

Rancang Kencono Cave

Rancang Kencono. via Instagram/letsgetl0st__

This cave is a part of the Sri Gethuk Waterfall. After you enjoy the magnificent waterfall, you can explore a little and visit this cave. The cave is not too deep, but it is very unique as there is a very big tree grows from inside the cave to the outside. Rancang Kencono Cave is located at Bleberan Village, Playen District, Gunungkidul Regency.

Ngeleng Cave

Goa Ngeleng. via Instagram/wisatagoa

In a glance, this cave looks like Jomblang Cave, but you don’t need to prepare a rig to go down to its floor. There is also a seasonal river flowing in the river.  During the rainy season, the water can be dangerous as the volume is very high. During the dry season, there are only small ponds here and there. Ngeleng Cave is located at Playen Village, Playen District, Gunungkidul Regency.

Jlamprong Cave

at the mouth of the cave. via Instagram/aminrahmadi

Jlamprong Cave has a huge interior, people often use it as a national ceremony venue, especially during Indonesia’s Independence Day on 17th of August. This cave is also interesting for cave explorers. Jlamprong Cave is located at Semanu District, Gunungkidul Regency.

Cokro Cave. via Instagram/desiliciousdesi

There are so many caves and underwater rivers that you can find in Yogyakarta, especially in Gunungkidul. Some of the caves are big and long enough to provide a sense of mystery and adventure for those who explore them.

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