Having Fun at Trans Studio Bandung, the Biggest Indoor Theme Park in Indonesia


Trans Studio Bandung is the largest indoor theme park in Indonesia. This integrated tourist park offers a variety of rides that is for everyone.

Vertigo ride. via Instagram/transstudio.bandung

This theme park offers more than just exciting rides for junkie adrenaline. You can also learn, eat, shop, and enjoy spectacular performances. Here are some of the various rides that you can enjoy at Trans Studio Bandung.

Studio Central

Yamaha Racing Coaster. via Instagram/transstudio.bandung

The main theme in Studio Central is Hollywood in the 60s. You can adrenaline at Yamaha Racing Coaster, a roller coaster with incredible speed. Giant Swing will twirl and hurls you to heights.

Vertigo Galaxy is a giant spinning wheel that will spin you 360 degrees in the air. Pemburu Badai (Storm Hunters) will make you feel the sensation of being lifted by tornadoes, enhanced with thrilling animatronics and special effects.

Great show. via Instagram/transstudio.bandung

You can also find entertainment centers here. Trans City Theater is an international class luxury stage, regularly showing Broadway caliber live shows. Dunia Bolang is a ride where you can explore the Indonesian archipelago with a popular television characters, Si Bolang. Ocean World is a science center with underwater theme.

Magic Corner

exciting ride. via Instagram/transstudio.bandung

You can feel many magical auras at this location. Lilliput Island is a fun play area for toddlers and small children. Dragon Riders is a ride where you can practice your ability to ride a dragon. This ride is fun for the whole family. Negeri Raksasa is a playground that will amaze your children.

Great live show. via Instagram/transstudio.bandung

Captain Blackheart Pirate ship is a playground for children. This pirate ship-shaped house has 4 floors full with fun playing areas. Special Effects Action is a show that reveals the secret of the action movies, such as explosions or jumping from height scene. Dunia Lain The Ride is a haunted house filled with Bandung urban legends that will test your courage.

Lost City

Kong Climb. via Instagram/transstudio.bandung

This area is a zone where you can find many action-packed explorers. Kong Climb requires you to climb a cliff and steal sacred stones guarded by Kong. Sky Pirates will take you to enjoy all of Trans Studio Bandung theme parks rides from height on a flying pirate ship.

Jelajah and Sky Pirates. via instagram/transstudio.bandung

Jelajah will take you deep into the Amazon jungle on a rescue mission. You might have to go through a 13 meter waterfall drop, so brace yourself. Amphitheater offers world-class live performances, with spectacular designs and extraordinary special effects.

Location and ticketing

Giant Swing. via Instagram/transstudio.bandung

Trans Studio Bandung is located on Jalan Gatot SUbroto No. 289, Cibangkong, Batununggal, Bandung. This studio’s ticket is IDR 180,000 on weekdays and IDR 280,000 on weekends. Trans Studio opened at 10:00 a.m. at 07:00 p.m. during weekdays and 09.00 a.m. to 09.00 p.m. on weekends.

New Year celebration at the studio. via Instagram/transstudio.bandung

If you are in Bandung, then you must come to Trans Studio Bandung, the largest indoor theme park in Indonesia. This place is a tourist destination that is suitable for all family members. You will all have fun here.

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