Wonderful Tiny Islands in Lombok


Lombok Island it’s naturally gifted with many wonderful spots in all parts of the island. This Small Piece of Heaven is blessed with beautiful beaches, lush green rainforest, and also exotic small Islands.

Gili Kapal. via Instagram/estpr

You can find many small Islands in many corners of Lombok. The most popular ones are of course the Gili Islands on the northwest coast. And yet, there are still several oh rather unknown small Islands surrounding Lombok. Here are several wonderful small islands that you can explore at the coast of Lombok.

Gili Kedis

Gili Kedis at sunset. via Instagram/j.os

This small island is located at Southwestern coast of Lombok. This island is so small you can walk around it in just five minutes. Gili Kedis is basically a white sand stretch located at Sekotong District, just buy the other small islands. There are a few vegetation on this island but there’s that. You cannot find anything else here.

Gili Kedis from above. via Instagram/lombok_transport

Even so, this island is so exotic and you will have a great time taking pictures, especially if you bring your drone with you. From above, this island is just mesmerizing. Or you can just swim in its shallow Waters, enjoying whatever little creature you’ll probably meet there underwater.

Gili Kapal

Very small island. via Instagram/officialpesonanusantara

This is a curious Island. This island disappears during high tides and will only show itself during low tides. That means if you want to explore this island properly, you’ve got to come in the morning. In the afternoon, the Island starts sinking and you can only find shallow water with the white sand seabed.

The island at its widest. via Instagram/spolupoznatsvet

If you manage to come when the island is above the sea level, you will find a wonderful stretch of white sand in the middle of the sea. There’s nothing else but sand and yet that is what makes this island wonderful.

Don’t forget to bring your best camera since you cannot too many pictures of this island. It’s just so stunning. Gili Kapal is located at Alas Strait, accessible via Sambelia, East Lombok.

Gili Pasir

This small island in the middle of the sea… via Instagram/dypsa2k

Similar to Gili Kapal, Gili Pasir is a wonderful small island. It disappears during the high tides and only shows itself during low tides. The difference is that Gili Pasir is even smaller. Since it only resurfaces during low tides there is no vegetation that manage to survive here. Nonetheless, that’s what makes this island even more exotic.

Wonderful small island. via Instagram/novtilux

The other wonderful thing about this island is that you can find starfish easily here. Many colorful starfish wanders around on the white sand and the stretch of seagrass. Wonderful Island is located in Tanjung Luar Village, Keruak District, East Lombok.

Gili Petelu

Gili Petelu Islands. via Instagram/wan_thelone

Gili Petelu, in the local language, literally means three small Islands. there are indeed three small Islands in the area. They are small hilly islands that protrude from the sea, providing a base for grass and few trees to grow. There is also a small white sand beach in one of the island.

Gili Petelu. via Instagram/ratualyamanagement

Gili Petelu is located in Jerowaru District in South East Lombok. You can only reach these islands with a boat, usually a fisherman’s boat. When you get here, you explore you can enjoy the spectacular panorama from the top of the Hills. As a side note, these islands are so close with the Beautiful Pink Beach of Lombok.

Gili Kedis. via Instagram/fabiankiby

Exploding Lombok will never be a dull experience. Even if you venture a bit out of it, you will find small beautiful islands that you can just explore in minutes.

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