Exploring Underwater Heaven in Tinabo Islands


At the southern end of South Sulawesi Province, there is a rather interesting archipelago. The Selayar Islands, the name of the archipelago, is the southernmost regency in the province. One of the most beautiful place in Selayar is the Tinabo Islands.

Enjoying the beach. Via Muhammad Saadduddin Tenripada/Travelingyuk

Taka Bonerate, a marine national park, is located on the southern half of the regency. This national park consists of a lot of beautiful small islands. Tinabo Islands is part of them, and one of the most famous destinations in the area. Here is all you need to know about the islands.

Location and access

Night view at Tinabo. Via Muhammad Saadduddin Tenripada/Travelingyuk

Tinabo Islands is located in the Midwestern part of Selayar Regency. However, the islands are small, you will probably not see them on the nation’s map. Getting to this island is also a bit tricky. You need to go to Makassar, this one is easy. Then you need to get to Padang, the capital of Selayar, either by plane or ship. From Padang, you will need to go by boat to Tinabo Islands.

The Islands

The island. via Instagram/selayarmarine_dc

You can find a lot of islands in Tinabo. Tinabo Besar, Tinabo Kecil, Tinanja, and Bungin Tinanja are the main islands here. Furthermore, the area is divided into three groups; core area, marine protected area, and utilization area. It means that Tinabo Besar (Big Tinabo) is where you can stay. It should be the base to explore the whole area.

The Takas

Underwater at Tinabo. Via Muhammad Saadduddin Tenripada/Travelingyuk

Taka is a coral exposure that you can find on the surface of the sea. In a non-volcanic area like in Selayar, Taka is the seed of an island. Furthermore, there are many takas you can find in this part of the world. For example, there are Taka Lasalimu, Taka Sirobe, Taka Takere, Taka Tobajo, Taka Subu dan Taka Mattongkoang. These takas is home to much marine flora and fauna. In addition, these takas area covers up to 5.7 thousand hectares, 53 percent of them are filled with live corals.

Dive Resort

The resort. Via Muhammad Saadduddin Tenripada/Travelingyuk

Obviously, the main attraction of these islands is its rich underwater life. You can also enjoy its wonderful panorama. If you come to explore its marine underwater, then you should choose to stay in the dive resort in Tinabo. It’s quite affordable and you can enjoy a lot of beautiful spots there.

Floating with sharks. Via Muhammad Saadduddin Tenripada/Travelingyuk

Tinabo Islands is one of the most beautiful places in Selayar Islands Regency. You can find a lot of wonderful small islands and also countless takas in this area. If you are indeed an underwater enthusiast, this place is simply a heaven for you.

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