The Lost World Castle, a Wonderland at the Foot of Mount Merapi


Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta it’s known for its feisty temper and destructive nature. Merapi’s eruption has brought disasters and misery to people who live nearby often claims the lives of those who are too close to it. And yet, many people still consider Mount Merapi as their home.

The Lost World Castle. via Instagram/amaliafauziaah_

The Lost World Castle is proof of the persistence showed by those who live in Merapi.  This theme park is located within the red zone of Merapi, meaning everyone has to be evacuated when Merapi is about to erupt. And yet, The Lost World Castle stands beautifully, embracing everyone who comes. Here are what you are going to find in this lovely castle.

The Lost World of Merapi

The Lost World Castle. via Instagram/thelostworldcastle

There is a strong reason why the management decided to build this park within the danger zone of Merapi. The site where they build the castle was a village that had been erased from the map by Merapi’s eruption.

The name itself serves as a reminder that there are many villages that were lost when Merapi erupts. And yet people persevere, they rebuild their homes, and in this park’s case, make a castle out of it.

An Education Park

The Lost World Castle. via Instagram/ryanassagaf_

Despite its somewhat bitter and dark backstory, this is an educational park. The park aims to inform its visitors about the dangers that Merapi can present without leaving the fact about the beauty that is also undeniably present. You can learn the story of Kepuharjo that was destroyed by Merapi.

Indeed, this park is officially located on the (former) Kepuharjo Village, Cangkringan District, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta. When the weather is good, you can easily the imposing figure of Merapi looking dominantly over this park.

Known by Many Names

The Lost World Castle. via Instagram/thelostworldcastle

This park was inaugurated in early 2017 when the construction was far from over. Since the official name was not quite clear yet, people give the park names that they think suitable. Some people called it Takeshi Castle (from the popular Japanese television show), some others call it Great Wall of Cangkringan (from the Great Wall of China).

In the end, the management decided the name was The Lost World, partly as a tribute to the many villages that were ‘lost’ due to the eruption.

Many Great Selfie Spots

The Lost World Castle. via Instagram/yenn_luo

One of the recipes for success in making a park nowadays is providing good instagramable spots, and The Lost World Castle does just that. Apart from the great wall, there are several other spots like the castle, the cowboy village, Paradise Gate, the Golden Wings, and many other parts. If you want to fill your social media feeds with unique pictures, this place is for you.

Is Still in a Development Stage

The Lost World Castle. via Instagram/thelostworldcastle

Even though The Lost World Castle has become a popular destination in Jogja, the actual construction is still going at some part of the park. The management will build a museum that showcases Merapi eruptions, a waterboom, and several other attractions. The development was interrupted because of a permission problem with local government, but then everything was cleared and The Lost World Castle continues its operation.

The Lost World Castle. via Instagram/ryafatma

This park is not the biggest or the most comprehensive one in Jogja, but it does offer a unique experience. You can learn about the scary yet beautiful Merapi while also enjoying many great photo spots in this castle.

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