Tetebatu, Mini Ubud on the Island of Lombok


Many say that Lombok is an untouched Bali, meaning that Lombok looks like Bali before it was developed into a world-class tourist destination. Both islands do have many similarities, especially in terms of the size and natural conditions.

Tetebatu Rice terraces. via Instagram/joes.flow

Bali can be considered as a tourist attraction that has been maximized to become a world-class tourist destination. Compared to that, Lombok is relatively underdeveloped, but you can see the similarity in many places, one of which is Tetebatu which has many similarities with Ubud.

Tetebatu rice terraces

Rice terraces. via Instagram/broad___o___horizon

The first similarities between Tetebatu with Ubud is that both have very beautiful rice terraces. You can enjoy the tranquil views of rice terraces that provide serenity to your soul. What makes the landscape in Tetebatu more special is that it has magnificent Mount Rinjani as a background.

You can enjoy not only a view of rice terraces but also spectacular lush green forests. Because Tetebatu is still not as popular as Ubud, you will not find many tourists in this tourist village.

Monkey Forest

Long-tailed black monkey. via Instagram/junglenature_life

Tetebatu Tourist Park is a bit like Ubud Monkey Forest. From the tourist village, you have to walk about 4 km to the north to arrive at this monkey forest. As the name suggests, you will find many black monkeys here.

You can explore this forest, preferably with the company of an experienced guide so that you don’t get lost in this vast jungle. Not only monkeys, you will also find many species of birds, unspoiled forest vegetation, and shady natural pathways.

Tetebatu waterfalls

Hidden waterfall. via Instagram/monmajer

There are several waterfalls that you can found in the vicinity of Tetebatu Village. One of them is the hidden waterfall, located in a dark natural alley with a stable flow. To get here, you need to walk along a small stream with cliffs around you.

In search of hidden waterfalls. via Instagram/

Vines and other natural vegetation will protect you from the sun so trekking here will not feel too hot. Aside from that, there are still several waterfalls that you can find around this village.

Ulem-Ulem Valley

Ulem-ulem dam. via Instagram/inayatrisna_

Ulem-Ulem Valley is a small aqueduct located in the middle of a forest built by the people of Tetebatu. You can find a calm lake here. In addition, there is a small waterfall that will add to the naturally calming atmosphere. There is also green forest that surrounds this small pond.

This place is not very well known, therefore not many tourists come here. It means that you can enjoy this place more calmly without having to fight for the best place with other tourists.

Tetebatu is relatively underdeveloped tourist destination. via Instagram/ellie_brister

Tetebatu is not entirely similar to Ubud, that is for sure. Tetebatu is much quieter since there are not many tourists here. It is also much cheaper compared to Ubud.

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