Explore a Forest, Lagoon, and a Beach in One Go at Tembeling


Nusa Penida tourism potential is relatively underdeveloped compared to other areas in Bali. Even though this island is within the administrative border of the Province of Bali, the infrastructure at Nusa Penida is still not as good as in mainland Bali.

Tembeling Beach. via Instagram/wanderlustusblog

This, however, did not dampen the will of many tourists to come and explore this extraordinary island. One of the most exciting destinations in Nusa Penida is Tembeling. It is a hidden place and requires a lot of effort to achieve it. Here are some brief facts about Tembeling with its hidden forests, lagoons, and beach.

Location and route to Tembeling

Tembeling Beach. via Instagram/karokarti

If your initial location is Toyapakeh which is the main port in Nusa Penida, then you will need several hours to get to Tembeling. The easiest method is to rent a motorcycle from Toyapakeh and ride it to Batumadeg. From Toyapakeh, you might need about 45 minutes to an hour to reach the parking lot at Tembeling, Batumadeg. You will then have to walk past a rather fun trek there.

Tembeling forest

A pathway in the forest. via Instagram/crozahirah

If you have come across a road that can no longer be passed by a vehicle, then you need to park whatever vehicle you ride there and start walking. There is only one track here and it will take you to the final destination at Tembeling Beach.

The path is carved in the rock. via Instagram/iirisannukka

This steep pathway is rocky and can be very slippery, so you must be extra careful. Throughout the journey of about 30 minutes, you will be able to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of a shady and refreshing forest. If you walk here during the day, you will be protected from the sun.

Lagoon and Jacuzzi

The Lagoon. via Instagram/saltinourhair

At the end of the trail, you will find a lagoon with bluish water. The lagoon is protected under a rocky cliff that is quite dramatic. There are several statues and various Hindu religious decorations placed around this Lagoon.

The ‘jacuzzi’. via Instagram/wicky_adrian

You can immediately swim in this refreshing lagoon, or you can also jump from the cliff to the blue water to add some excitement. Near the lagoon, there is a small pool that many tourists call a jacuzzi. This small pool is indeed more suitable for a relaxing chat with friends while enjoying a fresh drink.

Tembeling Beach

The white sand beach. via instagram/lukyx333

With a little walk from the lagoon, you will be able to find the hidden Tembeling Beach. This beach is flanked by two giant cliffs, making it completely unnoticeable. This beach is not too broad, has fine white sand but is also quite rocky. The waves here can be quite harsh so this beach is not suitable for swimming.

The beach is not ideal for swimming. via Instagram/aiqitiqua

The main charm of the beach is the beautiful sunset panorama. But you have to be careful if you want to watch the sunset here because your return trip can be very difficult when it’s dark.

The Beach. via Instragram/melisamiao

If you are adventurous and want to satisfy your desire to explore, then a trip to Tembeling Beach can be a very good option. You will get a beautiful and complete panorama of forest, lagoon, and beach here.

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