Enjoy a Private Pink Beach in Tangsi, East Lombok


Lombok Island is one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia that has not yet been fully optimized to its maximum potential. The island has enormous tourism potential because there are many naturally beautiful spots, lots of them are still unknown to tourists both locally and internationally.

Lovely colors at Tangsi. via Instagram/perfect_places2go

Jerowaru District, located in the southeastern part of Lombok Island is one of those areas with relatively untapped tourism potential. Currently, the main destination in Jerowaru is Tangsi Beach, also known as Pink Beach. Here are some facts about the beautiful Tangsi Beach.


enjoying the beach. via Instagram/travel_herworld

Administratively, Tangsi Beach is located in Sekaroh Village, Jerowaru District, East Lombok Regency. This beach is approximately 85 kilometers from Mataram, the capital of the province. The Lombok International Airport is closer though, around half the distance from Mataram.

The road infrastructure to Tangsi Beach is not exactly the best but is still accessible with cars or motorcycle. Many people also come here with boats.

Pink-tinged Sand

The gradient is magificent. via instagram/thelombokisland

This beach does live up to its name. The sand here actually pink-tinged and looks really lovely, especially if you can photograph it from above, using drones.

The color gradation of white, pink, turquoise, and blue create a great composition, making it a great place for feeding your social media account with wonderful pictures. There are only two beaches in Indonesia with pink tinge; this one and the Pink beach of Komodo Island.

The pink tinge comes from reefs. via Instagram/indonesiatropic

The sand is not actually pink. The tinge comes from the red reef that lives underwater here. Some of the reef is dead and washed ashore and being destroyed little by little by the small waves. As it slowly crumbles, its crumbs mix with the white sand and create a lovely pink color.

Calm waters with a view of Mount Rinjani

The view are magnificent. via Instagram/ekawonderfulindonesiafrance

Pink Beach has calm water with a lovely view of Mount Rinjani in the distance. The beach is protected because it is located in a bay, shielding it from huge waves that might reach this beach.

As a result, the beach is excellent for swimming or snorkeling. Another perk of visiting this beach is that it is mostly deserted during normal days, only a bit crowded during the peak holiday season.

Long shore, not much facilities

Walk on a beach is a good option. via instagram/beachy_gang

Tangsi Beach has a quite long shore, suitable for a light walk. Just remember that there are not many facilities yet, so you have to provide most of the necessity yourself.

For example, there aren’t artificial shades so you have to seek protection from the sun under the tree during the hot midday. The best time to visit this beach is in the morning when the contrast of the colors are still highly visible.    

Nearby attractions

Tanjung Beloam. via Inatgram/cerolcero

Jerowaru District is a heaven for beach lovers. There are many wonderful beaches along its shores, mostly have white sand stretch like Gili Sunut, Tanjung Perak, Kaliantan, Cemara, Surga, and Ekas. There is also the rugged type with uniquely shaped rocks like in Tanjung Ringgit and Tanjung Beloam.

Walking at Tangsi Beach. via Instagram/putriparameswari

Tangsi Beach which is also popular as East Lombok’s Pink Beach is a great destination if you want a truly exotic beach with an unusual color. The water is calm, ideal for splashing around. The overland access is a bit challenging but the reward for getting here is worth all the hassle.

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