Taman Safari Prigen, an Adventure in the Largest Safari Park in Asia


Indonesia is a large country with a diverse ecosystem in every part of it. Due to its sheer size, this nation has massive biodiversity, either on land or underwater. You can enjoy them (and much more) at the Taman Safari Prigen, Pasuruan.

A friendly camel. via Instagram/tamansafariprigen

Taman Safari literally means Safari Park. Just as the name suggests, you can have a little taste of safari in this park, visiting animals in their habitat. The animals are not only from Indonesia, but many of the world’s famous animals can also be found in this large park. Here is what you need to know about Taman Safari Prigen.

Location and how to get there

The cool park. via Instagram/tamansafariprigen

Administratively, this park is in Jatiarjo Village, Prigen District, Pasuruan Regency. The park is located on the slope of Mount Arjuno, in a natural rainforest. Taman Safari has a total area of 350 hectares, making it the largest safari park in Asia. It is larger than its two sisters; Taman Safari in Bogor and Bali.

The park’s gate by the main road. via Instagram/tamansafariprigen

Getting to the park is very easy. The park’s main entrance is at the side of the main Malang-Surabaya road, with gigantic ivory statues as the unmissable mark. Getting into the park from the main road is a bit challenging if you don’t drive your own vehicle because the park is about eight kilometers away from the main road.

Drive-through animal park

Feeding the llama. via Instagram/tamansafariprigen

Once you get to the park, you will immediately be presented with the ‘main course’; the safari part. Essentially, you are going to drive through a route that is divided into several zones. You can do that with your own car or with the park’s bus. In the herbivore zone, you can see and feed animals like deer, zebra, cows, llama, and many more. You will also drive through carnivore zone where you can see predators like tigers, lions, or bears.

Interacting with the animals. via Instagram/tamansafariprigen

To make a safari trip here more believable, none of the animals is caged. They are put into a large enclosure where they can roam like in their natural habitat. That is why you will find many herbivore animals follow visitors who bring them food. Just remember to never open your car window in the carnivore’s zone.

Many rides

The flying train. via Instagram/tamansafariprigen

After finishing your safari, you can relax or adventure into the main park. You will find lots of modern rides that you usually find in a city park. You can ride a carousel, drive in the boom-boom car, ride on the sky bike or sky train, visiting the Water World, baby zoo, try your courage at the Mystery castle, and many other rides.

Interesting shows

One of the interesting shows. via Instagram/tamansafariprigen

The park also has many shows. Near the parking lot, the first one you will see is the amphitheater where the elephant show is played twice a day. There is also Dolphin Bay where the dolphin (and other animal shows) are held every day. There are also Tiger Show, Jungle Boy, and ultimately the magnificent Journey to the Temple of Terror Show.

Ticketing and tips

The park also provide a bus for safari tour. via Instagram/tamansafariprigen

There are three types of ticket you can purchase here. Tiket Rusa (deer ticket) is the cheapest one that will get you to safari Adventure, Baby Zoo, Aquatic Land, and 4 animal shows. Tiket Badak (Rhino Ticket) get you the additional entrance to 22 rides and another two animal shows. Tiket Gajah (Elephant Ticket) is the most expensive and virtually grant you access to all entertainment in this park.

Ticket checking. via Instagram/tamansafariprigen

To enjoy all Taman Safari Prigen has to offer, you must come a little bit early. The safari can last for an hour or two, and the shows usually start at 12.30. Between the shows, you can explore and try the rides that are available here. If you want to watch a popular show, you must come early to its venue because you cannot enter when the capacity is full, even if you have the ticket.

A pride of lions. via instagram/tamansafariprigen

Taman Safari Prigen is much more than just a safari park where you can see the animals roam freely in their large enclosure. This place is also a rather comprehensive entertainment and educational destination, ideal for all members of the family.

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