Drink from the Real Fountain of Youth in Taman Narmada


Narmada Park is a three-hectare park located in Lembuak Village, Narmada District, West Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province. This park is a sacred building for Hindus, especially those who are in Lombok and Bali.

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Since this park is a sacred building, not everyone can freely enter this park. There are various conditions that must be met as well as restrictions that must not be violated. Here are some facts about Narmada Park, prepare to be amazed.

History and Naming

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Narmada Park was built in 1727 by the King of Mataram Lombok; Anak Agung Ngurah Karang Asem. The name Narmada is taken from one of the sacred tributaries of the Ganges; Narmadanadi which means spring or source of life.

For Hindus, water is a sacred element that gives life to all beings in the world. It is said that the king built a park because he was no longer able to physically climb Rinjani and pray in Segara Anak.

Initual Function

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Hindus in Lombok and Bali are accustomed to performing the Pujawali ceremony on the summit of Mount Rinjani. But with the presence of the Narmada Park, the pujawali ceremony can be done more easily in this place.

The park is indeed often referred to as a replica of Mount Rinjani. However, for the actual offering ceremony, the offerings must still be carried out in Segara Anak which was then done by the king’s trusted servants.

The Sacred Temples

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At the upper part of this park is a temple shaped like a stone step pyramid. Pura Narmada is one of the eight oldest temples on the island of Lombok. Another holy place is a Balai Petirtaan, a chamber of water with springs originating directly from Mount Rinjani. Travelers who want to enter the chamber must wear a yellow sash.

It is believed that water is one of them to fountains of youth. Women who are on their period are not permitted to enter this area because the Balai Petirtaan is still a sacred area.

Touristy areas

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Narmada Park has become a popular tourist attraction since the Dutch colonial era. Upon entering this park, you will find two Empresses’ rooms from Lombok and Bali. Next, there is Telaga Ageng which serves as a replica of Segara Anakan. There is also the royal bathing place which has now been converted into a public swimming pool for tourists.

Balai Petirtaan. via Instagram/hhengkii

Narmada Park can be one of the best tourist choices when you visit Lombok. Apart from its historical value, this park can also be an alternative to refresh yourself.

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