Taman Kelinci Ciwidey, More than just Bunnies for Your Kids


Ciwidey is a mountainous area with many wonderful destinations for travelers. You probably can find anything you need in this Southern Bandung area; from a beautiful lake to refreshing hot springs. Ciwidey has become a major tourist destination in Bandung.

Bunnies attack. via Instagram/dian_nurani.p

There are many unique places you can visit in Ciwidey, including Taman Kelinci Ciwidey (literally means Ciwidey Rabbit Park). This is a fun destination for families as children will love it here. These are why you should visit Taman Kelinci Ciwidey with your family.

Rabbit Park

Rabbits are freely roam this park. via Instagram/uutaaay

As the name suggests, this is a park with lots of rabbits in it. May kinds of rabbit roam freely in the grassy area of this park, where visitors can interact freely with them. You can see these cute and fluffy animals hop from one place to the other, sometimes with no care in the world. Some rabbits prefers to live in a hole during the day.

Love the bunnies. via Instagram/ferabocid

Your kids can feed them, as you can buy carrots from the management. Pro tip: rabbits actually prefers water lettuce to carrots. Your interaction with these critter doesn’t have to stop there. You can also pick the rabbit up and have your photo taken with them. But please do the gently, both when picking up and put them back down.

Buy the rabbits

You can buy one. via Instagram/michelanne

If you love the rabbit so much, you can even bring them home. You can buy rabbits in this park, just come to the management. Each rabbit has different price which usually starts from IDR50,000 to IDR100,000. However, bringing home an animal, including rabbits, is a huge commitment. You have to take care of it well at home. So, think carefully before you buy a rabbit for yourself or as a present for the loved ones.

Not only rabbits

Feeding the goat. via Instagram/ananda_yuniarto16

It is true that the main attraction here is the rabbits, the name is a big spoiler. However, there are few other animals you can find in this park. You can feed goats, posing with a full grown large iguana, or ride a pony. Okay, the last one is for children only, you cannot ride the pony as an adult.

Bermain dengan kelinci via Instagram/ ultriaria


Lovely location. via Instagram/ananda_yuniarto16

Administratively, Taman Kelinci is located at Jalan Raya Ciwidey KM 33.7, Desa Cikembang, Panundaan, Ciwidey, Kabupaten Bandung. It is roughly 30 kilometers from downtown Bandung. The Park is situated three kilometers before the White Crater, so it is really hard to miss this place. You are at the right place when you see a huge rabbit statue at the side of the road.

The statue at the front of the park. via Instagram/inalucya

Taman Kelinci charges IDR15,000 per person as an entrance fee, quite affordable especially considering you also get carrots to feed the animals there. Most families put Taman Kelinci Ciwidey in their itinerary when visiting Ciwidey and Rancabali. It is really worth the visit, your children will have a good time there.

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