Most Interesting Places to Visit on Taliabu Island


Taliabu Island is a regency in North Maluku Province. Located between Sulawesi and Maluku, Taliabu looks like an island that connects both areas. To the west, Taliabu is very close to Central Sulawesi, while on the east, it is very close with Banda Arc.

Panorama of Taliabu Island. via Instagram/mus_abdllh

Taliabu is not a major player in the Indonesian tourism sector. This island is often overlooked because it is outshined by nearby wonders. However, Taliabu has many beautiful beaches. Here are some of the best beaches you can enjoy at Taliabu.

Tanjung Markaso

Tanjung Markaso Beach. via Instagram/pesonapulautaliabu

This is a long stretch of white sandy beach. You can almost be certain that wherever you go on Taliabu, you will find a pristine and untouched natural beauty, including at its beaches. Tanjung Markaso is a naturally beautiful area with common tropical beach scene where you can find white sand, palm trees, and green hills.

Lede Beach

Lede Beach. via Instagram/hamid_abdurrahman

Lede is a coastal area on the northwestern part of the island. You can find many beautiful beaches here, including their ‘icon’; Lede Beach. This is a stretch of a tropical beach with white sand and palm trees. Instead of forming a crescent, the beaches here is more of an elongated stretch.

Bobong Beach

Bobong, Taliabu. via Instagram/rita.nurmaliza

Bobong is a picturesque beach with calm waters. The sand here is not the whitest you can see. It is more of golden-colored sand that blend well with the turquoise shallow water. The waves are very tame, making you want to play with them. Once in a while, there is a big cruise ship passing by this beach.

Karang Beach

Many dead coral in this beach. via Instagram/myka112926

In most of Indonesia, Karang Beach usually means a beach with many corals and even karst or limestone on its waters. However, this one is a bit different. In Karang Beach Taliabu, you will find chunks of dead corals on the white sand beach. It is pleasing to the eyes of the beholder, but it can also be dangerous for your feet.

Kambose Beach

Kambose underwater. via Instagram/moch_zaid

Kambose is a lovely beach with white sand and calm waters. Many people come to this serene beach to relax and enjoy the general scenery. Some others prefer to dip into the sea and explore the shallow seabed that is rich with Montipora, a reef species that can be found in most of Taliabu.

Tikong Beach

The waters in Tikong Beach. via Instagram/mukhamad.solikhin

Located on the northern part of Taliabu, Tikong is a scenic place with a small bay at its shore. The easiest way to get to this place is by boat. However, if you want to go overland by car, you can do that via the northern road of Taliabu.

A scenery in Taliabu Island. via Instagram/mus_abdllh

The island and regency of Taliabu have probably never crossed your mind. You haven’t even heard of such place before today. However, Taliabu is a great place if you want to explore natural beaches in North Maluku.

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