Exploring the Beauty of Talaud, the Northern Tip of Indonesia


Talaud Islands is the northernmost regency in Indonesia. Even though this regency is a part of North Sulawesi Province, Most of its islands are actually closer to the Philippines than to Sulawesi, Indonesia.  As an archipelagic regency, Talaud has a massive potentials in tourism.

Drone view of Miangas Island. via Instagram/sy_nobi

Karakelong is the biggest island in this archipelago, so it isn’t really surprising that the center of governance in Talaud is located in this island, in Melonguane city. However, Talaud is more than just Karakelong. In fact, many of the most beautiful spots are located in the smaller islands nearby. Here are some of the most beautiful spots in Talaud, the northernmost tip of Indonesia.

Sara Island

White sand beaches and pristine vegetation on Sara Island. via Instagram/marulisimangunsong

One of the icons of Talaud tourism is Sara Kecil Island. This small peck of an island is located in the middle of the archipelago, just to the south of Karakelong Island. In this uninhabited island, you can find wonderful white sand beaches and calm waters, making it an ideal destination for a relaxing vacation. You can just walk to enjoy the beaches or you can jump into the refreshing water.

Ampadoap Waterfall

The waterfall. via Instagram/cerita_talaud

In local language, Ampadoap means facing each other. It has the name because there are two waterfalls from opposing directions facing each other, creating a unique view. Located at Beo, Ampadoap is not very tall waterfall, only about five meters drop. However, there is an attraction that you might not be able to find anywhere else; the happy songs of parrot and talau.

Miangas Island

Miangas Island. via Instagram/indonesia_from_above

Geographically, Miangas is very much closer to the Mindanao Island of the Philippines than to any big island in Indonesia, including Karakelong. As with many smaller island in Indonesia, you can find wonderful white sand beaches in this northernmost point of the nation. Access to this island is already good with an airport that can serve smaller airplanes.

Kabaruan Island

A view from Kabaruan Island. via Instagram/ratnamk

Kabaruan is one of the four biggest island in Talaud. It has a rather long shoreline studded with many beautiful beaches. The underwater life in this island is in a very good condition with vibrant reef ecosystem. You can also find healthy mangrove forest here. The other interesting fact about Kabaruan is that this island is the natural habitat of the rare and endangered Maleo bird.

Monumen Yesus Memberkati

Monumen Yesus Memberkati, Talaud. via Instagram/ asrul_sy

Literally means Jesus Blessing Monument, this huge statue is a popular religious tourism in Talaud. This 34-meter tall monument is to show that Talaud people are good Christians. Even though the monument was only inaugurated in 2017, it has attracted lots of tourist annually. This monument is built in the capital of the regency in Melonguane.

A beach on Sara Island. via Instagram/hanafi5adi

Talaud is not your usual tourist destination. This regency has lots of interesting spots but the infrastructure to get there is still in the development phase. Talaud is the perfect place for those who want to explore the sheer size of Indonesia.