Sweet Snacks You Can Only Enjoy During Ramadan


Ramadan usually brings a lot of special items. There are countless traditions and rituals done to celebrate the holy month in Islamic calendar. There are even some foods or drinks that originally can only be found during Ramadan, including sweet snacks.

Ketan Bintul. via Instagram/mbu_nia

Of course when something is delicious, people tend to want more even if it means breaking the tradition. Since there is a strong suggestion to break the fast with sweet treats, many sweet snacks are available during Ramadan. Here are some of them.

Bongko Kopyor

Bongko Kopyir. via instagram/anindyakitchen

This delicacy comes from Gresik, East Java. It is unknown when was the first time Bongko Kopyor was invented or made. However, nowadays, you can easily find Bongko Kopyor stall at the side of the road in Gresik. Bongko Kopyor is made from flour, banana, rice pearl, bread, coconut milk, young coconut, and ripe jackfruit. All are wrapped into banana leaves and then steamed till cooked.

Bubur Kampiun

Bubur Kampiun. via Instagram/berlianbenyamina_rungkat

This is a sweet porridge, almost like kolak and it comes from West Sumatra. Bubur Kampiun is a wonderful mix of savory and sweet treat, creating an explosion of flavor. They throw together sticky rice, rice flour jelly, sticky rice jelly, banana, sweet potato, green bean, and several types of nuts. Each component of this delicacy needs a different treatment and will need different amount of time to be fully cooked. So you need a proper skill to prepare it.

Ketan Bintul

Ketan Bintul. via Instagram/awied_dhya

This snack goes all the way back since the era of Banten Sultanate. In fack, Ketan Bintul is one of the Sultan’s favorite snack and it only made during Ramadan. It is probably the easiest one to prepare on this list. Basically, you boil the sticky rice in a coconut milk till it’s cooked. You then prepare a serundeng, fried shredded coconut. You can make serundeng savory or sweet, depending on your own preference.


Asidah. via Instagram/byviszaj

This is a sweet cake from Sumatra that is inspired by Arabic delicacy. Asidah is made from cinnamon, clover, pandanus, flour, eggs, and onion. The cake has a wet and soft texture, but it can be easily formed into many things. Asidah is usually served with tea or coffee during Ramadan. This cake used to be Kings’ favorite snack.


Jongkong. via Instagram/aling.yuli.75

Sometimes also called Jojongkong, this delicacy comes from Bangka Belitung. Jongkong is soft, sweet, and savory. Its main ingredients are flour, tapioca, and obviously sugar. For aesthetic reason, Jongkong usually has three colors; whitem green, and brown. Jongkong tastes a lot like bubur sumsum from Java.

Bubur Kampiun. via Instagram/dapur_ciek

There are many sweet snacks you can have during Ramadan. However, there are very few of them which are specially made during Ramadan only.

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