Try the Different Types of Surfing in Bali


Many tourists come to Bali to enjoy the thrill of surfing on its breaks and rolls. They will definitely find many great surfing spots in southern Bali and Nusa Lembongan Island. They may not be the highest roll but most of them are consistent and enjoyable.

Kitesurfing in Bali. via Instagram/
Kitesurfing in Bali. via Instagram/kitesurfingbali

Traditional surfing has become a staple tourism menu in Bali, some even say that surfing kickstarted the tourism in Bali into international stardom. However, there are several other ways to ride the waves other than the popular surfing. Here are some of them.


Bodyboarding in Bali. via Instagram/
Bodyboarding in Bali. via Instagram/balibodyboarding

This is the second most popular wave-riding activity in Bali. In surfing, you stand on your board and steer the board with your feet and body balance. In Bodyboarding, you put your body on the board, riding the barrels with your head in front. The board is usually shorter without the pointy end for ease of maneuvering.

Kite Surfing

Kite surfing in Bali. via Instagram/
Kite surfing in Bali. via Instagram/

Also known as kiteboarding, this is bringing surfing to the next extreme level. It is indeed categorized as an extreme water sport.  Kite Surfing combines several water sports together; it uses wakeboard’s board and you are being pulled by a kite.

This allows you to speed on the water without having to rely on the perfect wave. Kitesurfing is probably the fastest surfing activity in the right condition.

Stand Up Paddle Board Surfing

Stand Up Paddle Board Surfing in Bali. via Instagram/
Stand Up Paddle Board Surfing in Bali. via Instagram/liburanbali

Stand up paddle board surf is originally for leisure activity to explore a body of water. Popular not only on the sea but also on lakes and calm rivers all around the world. You are standing on a board and basically, move on the water by paddling to the direction that you want. In Bali though, this calm activity can be a bit thrilling.

Many surfers do this on the relatively big wave, steering in the barrel, making it much more exciting. Some use this to explore calm waters like in the mangrove forest.


Windsurfing in Bali. via Instagram/
Windsurfing in Bali. via Instagram/shauny94

You can say that windsurfing is the miniature of extreme sailing, only it’s much more agile. You ride on a board with a sail, complete with a sturdy handle to steer the sail. Extreme balance is needed to successfully steer the board on the wave while also harnessing the power of the wind.

The results are mesmerizing, though. A professional windsurfer can do many tricks, including leaping high into the air.

Bodyboarding in Bali. via Instagram/
Bodyboarding in Bali. via Instagram/balibodyboarding

Surfing is one of the essential attraction of Bali. The waters in southern Bali has many spots that are ideal for many water sports. There are many breaks that make it ideal for thrill seekers.

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