Sup Konro, the Delicious Rib Soup from South Sulawesi


South Sulawesi is a culturally rich region with several big tribes. In term of culinary, this province has lots of delicious dishes from Bugis and Toraja. One of the most delicious and popular dishes from this area is Sop Konro (sometimes spelled Sup Konro). This soup is especially popular in Makassar although it is available nationwide now.

It’s a gread dish. via Instagram/grandelitehotelpekanbaru

Konro is a traditional dish, already present since centuries ago. As time goes by, Sup Konro also evolve until it becomes the dish that we know today. Anyway, here is all you need to know about Sup Konro.

Rib Soup

It’s a rib soup. via instagram/eatendiary

Essentially, sup konro is a soup made from cow ribs. As you might expect, this dish is very savory. However, this is a very thick soup, far cry from the light chicken soup you probably know. The broth from the ribs gives this dish even more wonderful taste. In a way, this will remind you of a bit of curry.

Strong spices

Lots of spices involved. via Instagram/dapoersikoko

The biggest reason why the soup is thick is that the extensive use of coconut milk, spices, and herbs. You probably can taste spices such as ginger, galangal, cinnamon, cardamom, and cumin. The soup would look dark, almost blackish. This soup will be more delicious after being used for cooking the ribs. After the dish is fully cooked, leek and fried shallot are added.


Delicious dish. via Instagram/pawon_mbak_iwed

Sup konro is originally a traditional dish served only during special occasions. In the past, you can only enjoy it during ceremonies such as a marriage, circumcision, or religious ceremonies. They didn’t use cow ribs but mostly buffalo. In most part of Sulawesi, buffalo is an important animal that is necessary for important ceremonies.

Rice, Burasa, and Ketupat

It’s really good soup. via Instagram/mrsmonita.ang

Sup konro certainly need more dishes as a companion. People usually eat it with the common rice cakes from South Sulawesi like ketupat and burasa. Both are rice-based dishes that provide carbohydrate since the soup and the ribs are mostly proteins. Some restaurants also provide rice to accompany this soup.

Where to enjoy sup konro

Enjoy the delicious sup konro. via Instagram/ghietno

Makassar is indeed the best city to enjoy sup konro. There are several great restaurants to enjoy the rib soup. Here are some of them:

  • Sop Konro Bawakaraeng at Jl. G. Bawakaraeng No.105, Wajo Baru, Makassar.
  • Konro Karebosi at Jl. Gn. Lompobattang No.41-43, Pisang Utara, Ujung Pandang, Makassar.
  • Warung  Sop Konro Bawakaraeng at Jl. Talasalapang No.64D, Gunung Sari, Rappocini, Makassar.
Ketupat and sop konro. via Instagram/irma_madjid

Sup konro is one of the authentic dishes from South Sulawesi. This food is indeed your chance to enjoy the traditional dish that used to be only available on special occasions. Taste-wise, this dish will blow your mind.