The Spiciest Gudegs in Yogyakarta


When talking about Yogyakarta’s signature culinary, the first thing that comes to mind is gudeg. This traditional dish has become one of the icons of the region. Today, you can enjoy many variants of the dish. There is even a trend among stalls to serve the spiciest gudegs in Yogyakarta.

Gudeg Mercon Mbak Yuni. via Instagram/jogjafood

Gudeg is a savory dish, made mainly from young and unripe jackfruit. Normally, gudeg tastes savory and sweet. However, there are many customers who want to enjoy spicy gudeg. Thus, the competition to create the spiciest gudeg unofficially commenced. Here are some spicy gudeg stalls you can find in Yogyakarta.

Gudeg Mercon Yu Yam

Delicious Gudeg Yu Yam. via Instagram/nongkrongasikjogja

Gudeg Mercon Yu Yam is located on Jalan Magelang km 5, it opens at 1 in the morning. Despite the operating hours, the stall is always crowded with customers. In fact, some Indonesian celebrities have come to this stall repeatedly. Furthermore, there are many side dishes that you can choose. However, most of them are spicy and bearing the title ‘mercon’ (firecracker). If you can stomach spicy food, this stall is the best place to quench your hunger in the middle of the night.

Gudeg Mercon Ibu Tinah

Delicious Gudeg Ibu Tinah. via Instagram/photohenhen

The most popular spicy gudeg stall is probably Gudeg Mercon Ibu Tinah. You can find this stall at Jl. Asem Gede, Kranggan, Yogyakarta. Moreover, it opens at 20.00 and closes at 03.00. Ms. Ngatinah established this stall back in 1992, thus the name. Additionally, you can enjoy many kinds of side dishes. This place is so popular that there is always a long queue of customers. Lastly, the price is similar to Yogya’s standard, about IDR15K to 25K per serving.

Gudeg Mercon Mbak Yuni

With banana leaf as plate. via Instagram/rico.achmadmurry

Next, there is Gudeg Mercon Mbak Yuni which is located on Jl. Diponegoro No.100, Jetis, Cokrodiningratan. Unlike any other Gudeg Mercon Stalls, Mbak Yuni opens rather early from 18:00 to 24:00. However, it offers a similar experience; enjoying Gudeg with extraordinary spiciness. You can enjoy gudeg here with side dishes such as boiled eggs, bacem tofu, tempeh, spicy crackers, and chicken.

Gudeg Sagan

Enjoying Gudeg Sagan. Via Instagram/hesianaponiminsaid

Gudeg Sagan first opened in 2003 at Kampung Sagan, known as the center of gudeg in Jogja. Thus, the name is explained. This stall still uses a traditional way of cooking to produce their foods. For example, they do not use MSG for their dish. Even so, the taste is still delicious. The side dish options are also abundant such as fried duck, fried chicken, eggs, fish, and sambal krecek. The address pf Gudeg Sagan is at Jl. Prof.DR. Herman Yohanes 53 Sagan Yogyakarta.

Gudeg mercon Ibu Tinah. via Instagram/eatandjournal

There are many gudeg variants that you can enjoy in Yogyakarta nowadays. One of the most popular variants is the spicy one. As of now, there are many stalls who compete for the title of the most delicious and spiciest gudegs in Yogyakarta.

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