5 Most Beautiful Snorkeling Spots on Amed Beach


Amed Beach is a black volcanic sandy beach located on the eastern tip of Bali. This beach is known for having many beautiful snorkeling spots. In addition, the scenery on Amed Beach is extraordinary with panoramic views of Mount Agung and the sea.

Amed Beach at sunset. via instagram/timsperin

Amed Beach is much less crowded than most beaches in South Bali. As a result, the underwater natural condition of the coast is still relatively healthy. Here are some of the best snorkeling spots around Amed Beach.

Jemeluk Bay snorkeling

Jemeluk Bay. via Instagram/freedivenusa

This is the most visited spot by snorkelers. The calm waters make this spot a tourist favorite. This place is recommended for snorkelers, even for kids. In this place, you can find an underwater temple, also known as the Underwater Post Office. Here, you can see healthy coral reefs and fish species such as Angelfish, Damselfish, Surgeonfish, and Blue Spotted Ray.

Lipah Beach snorkel spot

Colorful fish. via Instagram/olivierdeitte

Here you will find shallow waters which are the habitat of various coral reefs. The sand is also not too black compared to the surrounding beaches. You can walk to the sea even when the tide is high.

However, you need to be careful not to hurt your feet by stepping on the sharp reefs. Here you will find very large and colorful coral structures and some fish species such as Sponge Barrel, Blue Spotted Rays, and Mackerels.

Kembali Beach Bungalows Reef

Lots of fish. via instagram/olivierdeitte

This is the best snorkeling spot that you can find around Amed Beach. Here you can find shallow coral reefs that are still healthy. You will also find many species of small, colorful fish.

If you are lucky, you can also meet sea turtles which are endemic here. The area here is quiet enough that even inexperienced snorkelers will not be able to easily enjoy its beauty

Bunutan – Selang Beach

met a shark. via instagram/siihaa

This spot is the least known compared to other snorkeling spots around Amed Beach. Here you can find an underwater park containing colorful coral reefs. There are various species of tropical fish here. Some snorkelers even claim to see blacktip sharks here! You will definitely be able to find tropical fish now as in other spots.

Japanese Amed shipwreck

The shipwreck is now brimming with life. via Instagram/cbish4

Around Amed Beach, there is a Japanese shipwreck that now becomes a structure of a coral reef foundation. However, this spot can only be reached by experienced snorkelers because the waves here can be quite strong. Besides, the shore is also quite rocky.

The japanese Shipwreck. via instagram/caleb_kriedemann

You should come here in the morning because usually, the visibility will decrease during the day. In addition to growing coral, there are also many tropical fish that make this Japanese shipwreck their home.

Lovely day in the ocean. via Instagram/adamfreediver

Amed Beach is probably not the most famous beach in Bali, but for those who love snorkeling, Amed is an attractive destination. There are lots of snorkeling spots that you can explore here. The best part is that everything is still pristine.

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