Delicious Snacks from Magelang with Weird Names


There is a lot you can do in Magelang. The grand Borobudur temple is located in this regency even though it is somewhat more associated with Yogyakarta. There are also still a lot more destinations you visit here. However, there are several tasty snacks from Magelang with unusual names you need to try.

Tasty slondok. via Instagram/asa.ayamarket

Generally, Magelang dishes are not too different from Yogyakarta or Solo. Yet, this regency has some interesting snacks. There are several delicious snacks from Magelang that have weird names. Weird here, of course, is according to the local language. Here are some of them.


Sweet grubi. via Instagram/bakpia_kurniasari

The main ingredient of grubi is the sweet potato. They grate it very thinly and then shape them into a ball or thick disk before frying them. The only flavoring used for this snack is palm sugar syrup. When being fried, the palm sugar caramelized and the sweet potato hardened. The end result is a crunchy sweet snack. This snack is similar to carang mas that can be found in East Java.


Savory pothil. via Instagram/armithaap

This cracker-like snack has a savory taste. The main ingredient is tapioca flour, extracted traditionally from cassava. Generally, pothil has a small round shape, almost like a big ring. It has a crunchy texture. Some people enjoy pothil as a side dish to accompany rice due to its savory flavor. It is also good to enjoy pothil with tomato or soybean sauce.


White geblek. via Instagram/indiranovenda

Geblek is also made from cassava starch. The texture is somewhat hard but chewy, definitely needs an extra effort to crack them, compared to pothil at least. Geblek usually has a shape that similar toa ring or the number 8. This snack, without any additional coloring, would be white and sometimes yellowish. This is best enjoyed when still warm.


Crispy slondok. via Instagram/

You can say that this is the cracker made from cassava. However, it is a vastly different from pothil or geblek. Slondok is usually thin and has an elongated shape. It is crunchy, savory, and usually has a special flavoring. Traditionally, slondok only has a salty and spicy flavor. Nowadays, however, you can enjoy slondok with balado, cheese, and original flavor.

Grubi. via Instagram/jay_wang_ig

Magelang is definitely much more than Borobudur alone. This regency is also a part of the famed center of Javanese culture. You can find several delicious snacks from Magelang with weird names that have become popular. You can also buy them as a souvenir since they have a rather long shelf life.

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