The Most Delicious Savory Snacks from Cilacap


Cilacap is a regency on the southwest corner of Central Java. It is probably more known for its infamous Supermax prison on Nusa Kambangan. However, Cilacap also has several wonderful spots that would be fun to visit. Aside from that, you can also enjoy many savory snacks from Cilacap.

Rempeyek yutuk. via Instagram/fredy_odot

As a coastal area, Cilacap has lots of seafood-based dishes. In term of snacks, you can also enjoy lots of savory delicacies from this regency. Here are some of the most delicious traditional savory snacks from Cilacap.

Kerupuk Tengiri

A really tasty kerupuk. via Instagram/kancilan_kerupuk

In Indonesia, Kerupuk usually has a plate-like shape with various sizes. However, kerupuk tengiri from Cilacap does look like amplang from Kalimantan. They are small balls made from mackerel. The fish taste is so strong you can instantly taste it in the first bite. In addition, apart from being a snack, people often enjoy this as a compliment for rice.

Rempeyek Yutuk

The savory rempeyek yutuk. via Instagram/ipeh.suripah25

Rempeyek is a savory rice cracker. It has a really crunchy texture and yellow color, thanks to turmeric use. They usually also use peanut, soy, or small fish as some sort of topping. In rempeyek yutuk, however, they use small crab. The result is a crunchy cracker with crunchy delicious mini crabs.

Keripik Tempe

The crunchy keripik tempe. via Instagram/super_liza17

Tempe (or tempeh) is some sort of cake made from fermented soy. To make keripik tempe, they cut the tempe thinly and the swath them with special batter before eventually frying them. It becomes a crunchy and savory cracker without losing its tempe’s special flavor.


A freshly fried gembus. via Instagram/dhanisatyadharma

Many people say that gembus is a Javanese donut. Indeed, it does have a round shape. The main ingredient, however, is cassava flour. The batter made from the batter the being fried. You can find many gembus seller on the roadside of Cilacap.


A warms mendoan is so good. via Instagram/meefangtee

This is another variant of fried tempe. Mendoan is almost similar to keripik tempe, except for its texture. In detail, mendoan is softer, with fresher batter. You often can see green leaves such as leeks and celery in the batter. Mendoan is usually enjoyed with spicy soybean sauce.


A pack of lanting. via Instagram/lantingrien

You can say that lanting is the smaller version of gembus. Usually, it is in the shape of letter eight. At a glance, it looks like a lot of small rings. Made mainly from cassava, lanting commonly have many interesting colors. In particular, this is a very popular snack and you can buy it almost everywhere in Cilacap.

Delicious gembus. via instagram/masclink_kulineran

The Regency of Cilacap is not only about its natural beauty of the notorious high-security prison. There are many delicious traditional savory snacks from Cilacap that you need to try. Whether you like crunchy or soft snacks, Cilacap has them all.

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