Enjoying Traditional Snacks from Central Kalimantan


Central Kalimantan shares a lot of similarities with its surrounding provinces. That is why you can find many similar cultures and culinary wealth from the provinces on this island. Traditional snacks from Central Kalimantan, for example, are also available in other provinces.

Assorted cake from Kalimantan. via Instagram/irma_jacob

The grand line that connects almost all provinces in Kalimantan is the Dayak Tribe. Dayak itself has a lot of subdivision, each with unique traits. Traditional snacks from Central Kalimantan show a lot of Dayak cultures. Here are some of them.


Sweet cake. via Instagram/irma_jacob

The main ingredient of this cake is sticky rice flour. The deep-fried batter creates a chewy and sometimes a little bit hard, but it is really tasty. The dressing/coating might be different from one place to another. Some use powdered sugar and some uses melted brown sugar.


The rare kenta. via Facebook/Yu An

Kenta’s main ingredient is unripe rice. Ripe rice grains’ skin is bright brown. However, kenta uses unripe ones when the grains are still green. The grain is mashed and steamed. Add grated coconut and sugar and salt. Naturally, this cake only available during a certain time, usually before the harvest.

Wadai Apam

Soft cake wadai Apam. via Instagram/wie_kumalasari

In many other places, this cake is called apem. The main ingredients are flour, coconut milk, grated coconut, and yeast. Additionally, the mold is usually a half ball or flowery. This cake is traditionally a ceremonial one and made for a wedding or other sacred occasions.


Colorful baceper. via Facebook/Sulis

This one is almost similar to Bingka Cake. The ingredients are thick coconut milk (tain undu in the local language), sticky rice flour, and natural sweetener. This cake is easily recognized because it uses bright food coloring, usually pink and green.


Delicious Kakicak. via Instagram/desip_lestari

Kakicak is a chewy and basically savory cake. It is somewhat similar to klepon cake from Java. However, kakicak doesn’t have fillings like klepon. Instead, it has a topping, usually grated coconut with palm sugar syrup. The combination is really unique, chewy and grainy while tastes savory and sweet.

Gaguduh Pisang

Tea and gaguduh pisang, name a more iconic duo. via Instagram/yunisaridahliani

In most places, this is called pisang goreng (fried banana). Basically, banana with a sweet batter dressing is deep-fried. The aesthetic part is neglected as they just let the cake takes shape naturally. Furthermore, this cake is a perfect companion for evening tea or coffee.

Kakicak. via Instagram/hanhanny

There are a lot of traditional snacks from Central Kalimantan that you can try. You might find some of them in other places, albeit with different names. This huge province is also a great place for a culinary adventure.

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