Enjoy the Beautiful Sire Beach in North Lombok


Sire Beach is a beach located in the northern part of Lombok Island. This place is one of the favorite beaches for domestic tourists, especially during the holiday season.

Enjoying Sire beach. via Instagram/adhihayumaharddhika

Sire Beach is a complete beach because you can do many activities here. This beach also presents the beauty of the fantastic east side of Mount Rinjani. Here are some facts about Sire Beach, North Lombok.


Sire Beach. via Instagram/tuguhotels

Sire Beach is located around 43 kilometers north of Mataram City. You will need about an hour’s from the city of Mataram to reach this beach. The official address of the beach Sire is at Sigar Penjalin, Tanjung, North Lombok Regency.

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There are several routes that you can take, each offers different charms. If you pass the Senggigi Beach line, you will find a view of the Lombok’s west coast with many beautiful beaches. If you choose the Gunung Sari route, you will go through natural forests with lush trees and lots of wildlife.

The beauty of the beach

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The Sire beach has almost 4 kilometers of white sand beach stretch. The coastline is squiggly, and the sand is quite soft. The waters on this beach are quite calm so you can do a lot of water activities here.

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You can swim because the wave is almost nonexistent. You can also snorkel with good visibility. You can also be canoeing to explore more in this coastal area. You can also see many species of fish from the top of the canoe because the water there is very clear. You can rent all activity equipment on this beach.

Location of many ceremonies

A celebrity’s wedding ceremony in Sire Beach. via Instagram/nadinelist

Sire Beach is also a site where the Larung Sesaji ceremony is held. This ceremony is held every year as a form of gratitude of the surrounding community for the livelihood they have to get from the sea. Sire Beach is also often used as a venue to hold various events, including weddings. Some Indonesian celebrities also held their wedding ceremonies on this beach.

Great accommodation

Hotel Tugu Lombok is located on Sire beach. via Instagram/hoteltugulombok

You can find many upscale hotels and resorts around this beach. In addition, you can also find many upscale restaurants and traditional food stalls serving delicious menus. Your choice of accommodation when visiting this beach will be very diverse.

Aerial view Gili Trawangan via Shutterstock.com

Sire Beach is also relatively close to several other popular tourist attractions in Lombok such as Senggigi Beach, and three Gili (Trawangan, Meno, and Air). If you venture eastward, you will also reach Mount Rinjani.

The calm atmosphere. via Instagram/ardya1_ra

Sire Beach has extraordinary natural beauty. The soft stretch of white sand and calm waters make this beach as one of the favorite tourist destinations in Lombok.

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