Exotic Predators and Black River at Sebangau National Park


Sebangau is one of the National Park located in Central Kalimantan. It is even bigger than Tanjung Puting which is located to the west. Sebangau National Park is an important zone that is designed to be the place for research, education, conservation, and tourism.

A view of Sebangau. via Instagram/pangkakena

Since one of its core goals is tourism, there are many improvements that you can enjoy in this park. Sebangau is equipped with many interesting kinds of stuff. It caters to the adventure and entertainment needs of the tourists. Here is what you need to know about Sebangau National Park.

Location and how to get there

Exploring the park in a traditional way. via Instagram/tn_sebangau_official

This park is situated just to the south of the capital of the province; Palangkaraya. In fact, some parts of Sebangau National Park administratively belong to the city. Most are part of Katingan Regency. The park is very easy to reach as it is basically located at Palangkaraya. There are two other gates for tourists in Katingan and Mangkok Resort.

Koran River Course

Exploring the river. via Instagram/tn_sebangau_official

River Course is available in Koran River. You can indeed explore the national park through this quite long river. The best time to do Koran River Course is during the peak of the rainy season on monsoon. During the dry season, some tributary of the river might get dry and you have to explore on foot to get to some parts.

Exotic Mammals

Orangutan. via Instagram/borneoproject

You can find several exotic animals in this park. The mainstay is definitely the Orangutans. Sebangau, just like Tanjung Puting, is a natural home to several hundred orangutans. Owa-owa (Muller’s Gibbon) can also be found in this park. Several tigers and cat species, sun bear, several other primate species and squirrels also live here.

Reptile Route

There are several species of reptile in this park. via Instagram/pangkakena

You can also explore the rivers in search of the reptiles here. What you will encounter, though, are much more than just reptiles. You will meet a lot of endemic bird species. Still, the main course is still the reptiles, mainly the snakes. Pay attention to your guide when taking this course.

Fishing Activity

Reeling fish at Sebangau. via Instagram/fishinggeek_id

The tourism in Sebangau National Park is in line with the conservation efforts here. of course, an exploitation activity like fishing is highly controlled. You can still enjoy it if fishing is your thing. You might reel snakehead, catfish, bapuyu, kakapar, or sambaling.

Exxploring the park. via Instagram/tn_sebangau_official

Sebangau National Park offers a great combination of adventure and entertainment. For those who seek actual exploration in the forest, you can have that. For those who come for wonderful pictures, Sebangau has many instagramable spots.

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