Delicious Savory Snacks You Must Try in Bandung


Bandung is an area that never stops innovating. The city is always creating new things which often become a trend throughout Indonesia.

Cimol with Mozzarella. via Instagram/chewymol

In the culinary field, Bandung is the birthplace of many modern foods. There are lots of delicious foods created in this city and then spread throughout the country. Here are some of Bandung’s original savory foods you can enjoy in this city.


Cimol. via Instagram/eattemptationsby

The basic ingredient of cimol is starch (aci) which is formed into small balls. The small aci balls will expand when fried. Cimol is usually served with dried seasonings with salty, spicy or balado flavor.


Cireng with rujak seasoning. via Instagram/gunculinary

In local language, cireng stands for aci goreng (fried starch). Unlike Cimol, Cireng is not fried in ball form but in small disc-like shapes like crackers. Cireng also with seasoned with a thick sauce made with peanut as main ingredients.


Batagor. via Instagram/tesacorner

Batagor is an abbreviation of bakso tahu goreng (fried meatball and tofu). The main ingredients of batagor are fish meatballs and tofu which are then fried eaten with peanut sauce. Batagor is often enjoyed with siomay.

Perkedel Bondon

Perkedel Bondon. via Instagram/sanhesti

Like most perkedel, these food use potato as the main ingredients. Perkedel Bondon must be cooked using a wood stove. This food is usually served as a complement to rice with a spicy chili sauce.


Combro. via Instagram/fyifitri

This food is also often referred to as gemet. This authentic Bandung snack is made from grated cassava stuffed with sambal oncom before being fried. Combro itself stands for ‘Oncom di Jero’ (oncom inside).

Various Chips

Cassava chips. via Instagram/maicih

There are lots of chips that come from the city of Bandung. The chips are made from a variety of ingredients, ranging from cassava to rice flour. Some well-known brands are Keripik Setan and Maicih which often rely on its spicy taste.


Basreng. via Instagram/ma_kerang

Basreng stands for bakso digoreng (fried meatballs). It comes with a variety of flavors, cut into relatively small piece, and then fried. After being well-fried, the meatballs are then skewered like a satay before then smeared with various kinds of sauces.


Cilok. via Instagram/cilok.bandung

Cilok stands for aci dicolok. This food is made from starch that is usually mixed with beef, chicken, or fish. The mixture is then boiled until cooked. Once cooked, cilok is then skewered and smeared with a sauce made from peanuts.

Tahu Susu Lembang

Tahu susu Lembang. via Instagram/kulinerjabodetabek

This snack is quite unique because you can see the production process as well as the frying process. Basically, this is tofu that uses milk as a mixture of ingredients. It tastes more savory than most tofu and you can get it fresh from the production site.


Bandros with cheese topping. via Instagram/gisella_tania

This food is made from rice flour, grated coconut, and coconut milk. The mixture of ingredients is then put into a mold that has been heated. Bandros are usually equipped with sugar toppings. Lately, many bandros sellers are being creative by giving chocolate, cheese, and other toppings.

Cimol Balado. via Instagram/eattemptationsby

Bandung is one of the best culinary tourism locations in Indonesia. This city always shows innovations and new food which later became a trend throughout the country. If you visit Bandung, then you must try the savory snacks in this city.

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